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Chinese Tech Wizz Kid Jayson Ho links up with award winning singer Stephan Dante for special Chinese New year event in Bangkok

Chinese tech entrepreneur Jayson Ho links up with Singer Stephan Dante for exclusive New Years event in Bangkok.

What happens when Chinese/British entrepreneur and Tech wiz Jayson Ho invites an artist over to his exclusive event in Bangkok and that artist cannot make it? Simple being the guy he is he makes it happen anyway. That’s exactly what happened when Jayson Ho (Head of Tech company D8ii) wanted to have rising star Stephan Dante at his exclusive Chinese new year event at Char Rooftop bar in Bangkok. Stephan Dante was unable to make it due to her son being unwell. Jayson Ho is a man not used to not getting his way and so he contacted Stevie Eagle E from Shlepp Entertainment to set up a live video streaming performance with Stephan Dante to his guests.

Scandisk have created new memory cards for your android phone

256 Gig on your phone! It’s coming.

As mobile phones get faster and better cameras, so does the storage you need to take advantage of that increase. Imagine what 256 Gig of storage on your mobile phone would be like? Well it’s coming with the new Scandisk MicroSD card made especially for mobile devices.

The new Nokia 6 sees the return of the iconic Nokia brand to the market.

Nokia is back with New Android phone. But is it any good?

At long last, Nokia is answering its longtime fans’ prayers with the launch of its first Android smartphone – but it probably won’t match up to the excitement of hardcore Nokia fans.