The Legacy of Nelson Mandela To Be Honoured in New Festival Looking to Break All The Rules

Granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, Ndelika Mandela releases a PSA about a new festival that will honour the legacy of her grandfather.


A brand new Music and culture festival is about to take place in Brazil on the 5th of December 2023.  The event called the FEELn Festival which stands for FREEDOM, EXPRESSION EQUALITY LIFE Network will bring together Major artists with cultural artists, chefs, fashion designers, dancers and fine artists in a 5 Day celebration of the arts in Bahia Brazil. The date was chosen by one of the producers and head of the Thembelike Mandela Foundation, the Grandaughter of the great man himself Ndileka Mandela.

Ndileka Mandela recently released a PSA about the FEELn festival, an event that will honour her father’s legacy and continue his work.  The FEELn festival is not your regular music festival.  Its objective is to raise funds to help youth and communities in need around the world while fusing cultures and artistic expression.  To find out more about the FEELn festival visit