Leslie Loh Globe Trotting Chinese Star Taking Philanthropy To A New Level Arrives in Brazil

In a world where most giving is virtue signalling, Leslie Loh, The One Gaia Foundation and the FEELn festival are doing things differently and using entertainment to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and their families worldwide.

Chinese star Leslie Loh takes her brand of Philanthropy to The Philippines

In a world where Narcissism has almost become the standard way of being and many charitable and philanthropic endeavours have become no more than virtue signalling or conscience relief people like Leslie Loh truly stand out for not just giving but for giving almost everything they have to others.  Chinese star Leslie Loh has practically given her life up to helping others. Now, as she tours the favelas of Brazil looking to expand her work and foundation in partnership with the FEELn festival, we take a closer look at what makes  Leslie Loh so unique when it comes to helping others.

Leslie Loh has a busy life like many of us do.  Singer, classically trained musician and composer, fashion designer and actress.  Those things alone would keep anyone completely absorbed and busy. However, for Leslie Loh it does not end there.  She has many passions, but her real passion is helping others, especially the youth, Children and those in need and it is this passion and vocation that begins to explain who Leslie Loh is.  Leslie Loh created her foundation One Gaia (meaning one world) to as she puts it, ‘Not give people a handout, but a hand up.’  That is exactly what she does through One Gaia.  She is giving thousands of Children around the world that much-needed ‘Hand up’  Started on the streets of Hong Kong where Leslie Loh and One Gaia take the kids off the streets and not only help them with practical things but also engage, educate and facilitate their dreams by releasing their potential and creativity in art, sport, music etc.  One moment a street child in Hong Kong could be scrambling for food on the streets, sleeping in doorways and just trying to stay alive.  The next moment they are rehearsing with a philharmonic orchestra getting ready to perform with elite musicians.  This is the type of thing Leslie Loh and One Gaia do, she brings hope.

Leslie Loh and One Gaia in The Philippines
Leslie Loh and her One Gaia foundation working in the provinces of The Philippines

The way that Leslie Loh works with the children is also completely different.  She keeps in contact with all of them.  It’s one thing to help a lot of children and give them hope and opportunity, but it’s another to stay in touch with them continually when you have an extremely full and busy life with so much responsibility.  So when Leslie Loh decided to expand her work to The Philippines, Jamaica and beyond you can imagine how many even within her organizations had reservations.  ‘How can you do this?  Where will the time come from?  how will you be able to do your music, acting, singing and continue your career, and look after your family if you are not only going around the world assisting, engaging and helping thousands of children but staying in touch with all of them?’  All good and reasonable questions.  It’s not doable was what Leslie Loh was advised.  However, Leslie Loh’s passion was not going to listen and fast forward a few years later and One Gaia is now doing its thing in the provinces of the Philippines and the Shanti towns of Jamaica with thousands of children who she keeps in touch with but now Leslie Loh is in the favelas of Brazil about to join up with the FEELn festival and take her passion to a whole new level globally.  She does all of her work without fanfare, without press or fuss, just getting on with it helping thousands of youth and families worldwide and up until now it has been kept ‘on the downlow’.  However, with her One Gaia Foundation now partnering with the FEELn festival things are about to change and the amazing work of Leslie Loh and the One Gaia foundation is about to be exposed to a worldwide audience.

Leslie Loh with the Children from the favela of Itinga, Bahia, Brazil

The FEELn festival is a brand new festival starting in Brazil in December 2023.  In many ways it is like many other festivals, with Big stars and performances.  Where it differs is that it is all about raising funds and awareness to help families and youth worldwide.  The philosophy of the FEELn festival fits perfectly with the philosophy of Leslie Loh’s One Gaia and so it was only natural that they partnered.  The FEELn festival will bring hundreds of youth and their families from Hong Kong, China, India, The Philippines and Africa to Brazil to engage, and collaborate with hundreds of youth from Brazil and also the stars and professionals performing at the festival.  This will b be done through the Gaia games a mini Olympic-type sports event for the youth, musical and artistic performances with the artists at the festival and other types of endeavours.  All are designed to inspire, educate, and give these youngsters a hand-up in life.  The goal of the FEELn festival is not just to help communities, youth and families practically but to give them that much-needed hand-up in life.  To achieve this FEELn festival partners with several foundations and organizations including One Gaia, Thembelike Mandela foundation, The AsiAfrica foundation and the UCCMG organization in China.  The FEELn festival is a 100% non-profit event.  All proceeds are poured back into programs to help the youth and communities worldwide.

Leslie Loh has the Midas touch when it comes to the youth.  They gravitate to her naturally and instinctively.  She is fearless in her pursuit of working with and for them, so much so that she insisted on venturing deep into the favelas to interact with those she wishes the FEELn festival and One Gaia to engage with.  Something that not many Brazilians in her position would even think of doing.  However, for Leslie Loh she was just following the same principles that have guided her through the Provinces of The Philippines and the shanti towns of Jamaica, have no fear and bring the love and it worked just as well here as it has done everywhere else.

Leslie Loh sets up the One Gaia program in Jamaica

At Globalnewsink we had the opportunity to experience one day in the Life of Leslie Loh and all of our staff were left stunned by how much time she dedicates to the children.  She has all the time zones remembered, all the contact details stored on her devices and we are constantly stopping for her to communicate with ‘her kids’.  For Leslie Loh it is personal, once she makes contact with a community she vows to stay in constant communication with them and she does it at great cost to her time and life.  This is what truly makes Leslie Loh different.

Leslie Loh and FEELn festival team meet with Secretario Lula Maciel and other Government officials in Bahia Brazil

Leslie Loh met with several government officials from the region of Bahia Brazil along with Stephen Ellis (Founder and Director of the FEELn festival) to explain just how things would work here before, during and after the FEELn festival.  The work that the FEELn festival, One Gaia and our partners will do in Brazil will only be the start and will continue throughout the year and beyond.  Raising funds and creating programs to engage, assist, and elevate the youth, families and their communities.

Leslie Loh with the Youth from Bahia Brazil

For years Leslie Loh has kept her passion and work quiet, focussing on helping rather than talking about it.  Now ‘the cat is out of the bag’ and along with the FEELn festival in Brazil Leslie Loh and her One Gaia foundation are about to make global waves.

If you wish to know more about the FEELn festival contact them.