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Brazilian World Cup footballer Dani Alves is singing his way through the web with Chinese star Ayi Jihu- CNN iReport Advertisements

Edu Casanova with Chinese star Ayi JIhu world cup Anthem Ilumina

Chinese star Ayi Jihu set to hit big with Brazil world cup Anthem song in Germany

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is set to move further into the public eye in 2014 as the release of her new single Ilumina (Shallallaja) is set to drop in Germany on the 27th of June 2014. The German remix of the song written and performed by Brazilian star Edu Casanova and also featuring Rapper Toni […]

Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova perform at the biggest party in the world

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu makes national news in Brazil with Brazilian star Edu Casanova at the Carnival

Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova make a big impression in Brazil at the Carnival. SBT Jornalismo – "Madonna da China" participa do Carnaval de Salvador. Ayi fever has hit Brazil as Ayi Jihu makes history as the first chinese artist to ever perform at the Carnival in Brazil. Ayi Jihu has been accepted in the […]

Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova with Bahia Secretary of Tourism

Chinese star Ayi Jihu wows the Secretary of Tourism in Bahia Brazil

Chinese star Ayi Jihu wowed the Secretary of Tourism for Bahia in Brazil at a special meeting earlier today with Brazilian star Edu Casanova. Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova discussed many ways to spread the culture of Brazil and Bahia to the world. Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova who recently completed a song with the […]

Ayi Jihu China fever hits Brazil

Chinese star Ayi Jihu captures the imagination of the Brazilian press and people ahead of her historic carnival performance.

Tito Jackson, Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova collaborate on new song Bola Vez

The Legend, The Madonna and the Casanova – Tito Jackson, Ayi Jihu and Edu

Legend Tito Jackson, Chinese star Ayi Jihu and Brazilian Star Edu Casanova Before Chinese star Ayi Jihu could speak English, she could speak ‘Jackson’. Like millions of Chinese kids Ayi Jihu, also known as ‘The Chinese Madonna‘ grew up singing and dancing to Michael Jackson. In her own words ‘We did not know what we […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu to make history by perform at the worlds biggest Carnival in Salvador

Ayi Jihu to become first Chinese artist to make historic Brazil carnival performance

The world’s biggest party, The Salvador carnival in Brazil, will for the first time welcome a Chinese artist to perform. Psy was the first Asian artist to welcome this honor and now Chinese star, Ayi Jihu, is the second and the first Chinese artist to be invited to do so. In doing so she is […]