Kaos MC Brazilian Rapper is on top of the world and Vows to stay true to the Favela

Rising Brazilian star Kaos MC is determined to stay true to his roots in the Favela but is determined to go international and explore different types of ways to get out there and shine a light on his community, music and life in the Favela.


Kaos Mc is breaking all the rules.  He is taking Favela Rap global and making a big impact in Brazil, he is doing this independently without an Empresionario (impresario/ businessman or benefactor) one of the few artists in Brazil to do this.  He has built his business and name from the ground up over several years working with European producer Peter Doc B and now working with Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment.  The year has seen Kaos Mc work with some of the biggest names in the music business when he released ‘What’s wrong’ with Tito Jackson and Alex Boye.  Despite all of this and the temptations to leave the Favela behind Kaos Mc is determined to stay true to his roots, stay true to the Favela and continue on his mission to bring the positives from the Favela to the world and vice versa with his name and organization The Lokos Da Favela Family.

Kaos Mc is the leader of the Lokos Da Favela a group committed to helping and highlighting the favela through music, community activities art and culture.
– Picture by Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Kaos Mc has already made an impact on the charts in Europe and in the USA.  Rising to number 9 in the official Music Week (pop club charts) charts with ‘What’s Wrong’ as well as charting high in the North American Dance charts.  He has also charted with ‘Drop n Gimmie 20’ Where he featured along with other rappers from the Lokos Da Favela Family with EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B).  That reached 13 in the official Music Week (pop Club) Charts.

Click to view the video of 'What's Wrong with Kaos Mc and Tito Jackson
Kaos Mc and Tito Jackson get to number 9 in the Official Music Week (pop club) charts in the UK
– Picture by Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Kaos Mc’s impact has not just come through his music and videos, but also through his work in showing the culture, people and beauty of the Favela and Brazil while supporting his community globally.  Not many from the Favela are able to get out of it (and many have no wish to despite the way it is portrayed) much less take their music internationally without being a part of the Brazilian music system of having a wealthy benefactor or Empresionario.  Artists like Anita have recently made great strides in taking Brazilian street/urban music global, but unlike Anita, Kaos MC is doing it truly from the streets of the Favela independently working only with his producer Peter Doc B and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd from the UK.

We spoke to Kaos Mc by phone from Doc B Production studios in the Favela and he told us:

“What you see first is not always what came first.  It is great to see what artists like Anita are doing and others to take our culture global.  However, we have been doing this before many and we have a unique perspective.  We are showing the Favela and the people and the real culture of Brazil in Bahia.  The Favela’s of Brazil account for most of the people yet it is the part of Brazil most misrepresented in the media.  It is often shown with a negative light and this is not what the Favela is all about.  It is community, culture, music, love, family and survival.  We survive with a smile, we help one another.  All of the other negative parts shown exist but that is not all the Favela is about.  I know some people feel because I have had some success and the world is beginning to take notice, that I will leave the Favela or change into another person.  This will never happen.  I will always stay true to my roots and my people and try to bring my success home to them and make things better for them.  I know for me to achieve my goals I have to be flexible and this flexibility can sometimes be confused for changing, but it is not changing, it is growing and it is adapting to a global marketplace not just a local marketplace in order to succeed.”

Kaos Mc and Peter Doc B highlight their article in BZ one of Germany's biggest Newspapers
Kaos Mc and Peter Doc B highlight their article in BZ one of Germany’s biggest Newspapers.
– Picture courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Kaos MC recently returned from a tour of Europe where he also shot scenes for videos of his tracks next to the Berlin Wall and the Olympic stadium.  His story along with his producer Peter Doc B was featured in one of the biggest Newspapers in Germany, reaching millions of people in Europe and spreading the real vibe of the Favela even more.

Mahdah Urf (Earth Song Revival) video produced and directed by Stevie Eagle E nominated for a Grammy
Mahdah Urf (Earth Song Revival) video produced and directed by Stevie Eagle E nominated for a Grammy. Part of the video was shot in Brazil and the video features Kaos MC who also wrote part of the song.

Kaos Mc also featured on the Grammy-nominated video Mahdah Urf (Earth song revival).  A Reggae song focused on climate change and the environment.  The track featured artists from all over the world including Jamaica, Barbados, China, USA, UK, Switzerland and Sweden.  The video produced and directed by Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd is now in the running for a Grammy.

Kaos Mc at the Berlin Wall in Germany where he shot footage for one of his videos.
Kaos Mc at the Berlin Wall in Germany where he shot footage for one of his videos.
– Picture courtesy of Shepp Entertainment Ltd

We spoke briefly to Stevie Eagle E CEO Shlepp Entertainment Ltd who told us:

“When Kaos Mc was first brought to my attention by Doc B I have to admit It took me a while to really see how best to help take him forward.  It was not until I met him and began to understand what he was trying to achieve and how that It hit me he was in fact an international artist.  Anyone who knows Me and Shlepp Entertainment will tell you if it ain’t international I won’t really touch it.  Kaos is unique, his story and relationship with Peter Doc B are unique and very compelling.  I had to come to the Favela myself, live with the people, play with the people, sing and dance and eat with the people to even begin to understand things.  It’s like a world within a world, where very few of our everyday rules in the West apply.  It’s a wonderful, happy and yes dangerous place, but I have never really felt the danger because they have accepted me as one of their own.  I see the beauty and community of the Favela that Kaos wishes to bring to the world.  I see and hear the talent of the Favela every day.  You are surrounded by it and Kaos is the one that is truly bringing this to the world with our help.  I see him going all the way, it’s up to him really because the obstacles in his way we will tear down one by one if he wishes to go all the way he can do it but it won’t be easy.”

Kaos MC at Heliopolis Radio in Sao Paulo
Kaos MC at Heliopolis Radio in Sao Paulo with DJ Jzoio AKA Danilo Barreto Oliveira on the Revolucao Rap show

Kaos Mc recently returned from Sao Paulo where he worked with Funk Buia on several projects.  Sao Paulo is the epicentre of Rap in Brazil and Kaos MC coming from Bahia knows that to really make an impression in Brazil you have to make an impression in Sao Paulo and, this is exactly what he did.  His live radio interview on one of Sao Paulos biggest and most popular Rap radio stations Heliopolis was a huge success with social media interaction and feedback coming in constantly from all over Brazil.  Kaos MC is keen to credit Rap acts like Nova Era and RACIONAIS MC’S for paving the way for him in Sao Paulo.  Along with Funk Buia, these huge artists have not engaged in the kind of East Coast, West Coast feuds that plagued America in the 90s’ and lead to the deaths of perhaps the greatest rappers of all time Tupac and Notorious BIG.  Rappers in Brazil tend to work together rather than against one another.

click here to listen to Make it rain
EEDB will feature Kaos Mc on their new single ‘Make it Rain’ due for release on the 21st of October 2019 -Picture by Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Now Kaos Mc is about to be featured with the Flirtations from the USA a group from the Motown and Staxx era.  He along with fellow Brazilian rapper and Lokos Da Favela member Bull Dogg will feature with UK singer Lavonz on the EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) single ‘Make it Rain’ due for release on the 21st of October 2019.  Another example of an international collaboration taking the name of Kaos Mc and the Favela global.  Kaos is also keen to bring other rappers from the Favela through.  He has featured rappers from Lokos Da Favela like Bull Dogg and Mr Jack on several of his tracks and there is more to come.

So it seems clear that as Kaos MC continues to navigate his way to the top he will keep his eyes firmly on where he came from and continue to support and push the Favela, it’s music and positive Brazilian vibe to the world.

To find out more about Kaos Mc visit www.KaosMc.com