Sofia Jirau: Puerto Rican Model Is First With Down’s syndrome To Star In Victoria’s Secret Campaign


A Puerto Rican model has made history as the first Victoria’s Secret model to have Down’s syndrome.

Sofia Jirau, 24, joined 17 other women in the brand’s Love Cloud Collection on Valentine’s Day, modeling a line of underwear.

“One day I dreamed of it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true,” she wrote on her Instagram profile.

“I can finally tell you my big secret. I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down’s syndrome!”

Jirau is only the second Puerto Rican model to star in Victoria’s Secret campaign.

She follows the supermodel Joan Smalls, who first began modeling for the brand in 2010.

Jirau launched her modeling career in 2019 alongside her own online store called Alavett.

In 2020 she made her New York Fashion Week debut, writing on her website that she was “proud as one of the few models with Down’s syndrome who has managed to participate in the important fashion event”.

She also started a Spanish-language campaign called No Limits to show the possibilities for people with Down’s syndrome.

“Thank you Victoria’s Secret for seeing me as a model who has #NoLimits and making me part of the inclusive Love Cloud Collection campaign,” Jirau said on Instagram.

“Inside and out, there are no limits!”

Victoria’s Secret is in the middle of a rebrand as it tries to distance itself from the iconic images of Victoria’s Secret angels, attempting to appeal to all types of women.

The new campaign is the first since Raul Martinez became its head of creative director in January.

He said: “Love Cloud Collection is a major moment in the brand’s evolution.

“From the cast of incredible women that bring the collection to life, to the incredible inclusive spirit on set, this campaign is an important part of the new Victoria’s Secret standard we are creating.”