Music and Fashion Combine Birmingham For Fashion Showcase.

Music and Fashion combine with the Shlepp Entertainment Ltd G Salvatore Fashion showcase in Birmingham

Music and Fashion combine as an incredible host of International stars descend on Birmingham for fashion showcase.

January is set to hit with a bang, at least in Birmingham as the buzz around the city is all about the G Salvatore fashion showcase event taken place this weekend at the M-Club.  When most are still waking up from the excesses of Christmas and New year it seems Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment was busy planning yet another great event.  This time it is not the Birmingham Inspiration Awards or Top UK Model 2017 but a fashion showcase for designer G Salvatore This is a unique event, unlike any other fashion showcase we have ever seen in the way it combines fashion and music with an incredible lineup of international stars, top models, and celebrity hosts.

G Salvatore Fashion Showcase Wales

Shlepp Entertainment and B.InspiredMagazine present:The G Salvatore Fashion Showcase rolls into Wales! Hosted by Stephan Dante and Tubsy Dholki Walla.The No.1 Fusion fashion event will hit the Cloud Sisha on the 20th of April, featuring the fashions of G Salvatore and Agnes Szepligeti along with top fashion models, celebrities and stars from around the world. We take over the brand new Cloud Sisha lounge to bring you an amazing Fashion, music, celebrity and beauty event.Our last event reached over 25 Million people through the press and social media worldwide and we are taking it a step further by introducing another fantastic designer to the mix and star singers from around the world.There are only a limited number of seats available for this event. If you do not wish to miss out get your tickets in advance and be part of one of the music and fashion events of the year.#GSalvatoreFashionshowcase #GSalvatoreFashion #ShleppEntertainment #StevieEagleE #Luxuria #Fashion

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The event will be held at the beautiful M-Club on Summer Row in Birmingham on the 20th of January 2018 and will be hosted by MTV’s Ex on the Beach stars Rogan O’Connor and Georgia Crone.

MTV's Rogan O'connor from Ex on the Beach will be hosting the G Salvatore Fashion showcase event
MTV’s Rogan O’Connor from Ex on the Beach will be hosting the G Salvatore Fashion showcase event along with Georgia Crone.

At this event, you not only get up close to the fashions of G Salvatore but also to the music with an international lineup of stars performing at the event covering a range of genres.

Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment has assembled an amazing lineup of international stars to perform at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase on January 20th 2018
Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment has assembled an amazing lineup of international stars to perform at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase on January 20th, 2018

The line up includes:

  • Chart-topping No.1 singer from Norway Beat Jacobsen,
  •  Huge Hungarian Singer and musician Marcellina
  • Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera
  • Legendary Bhangra musician from Birmingham Tubsy Dholki Walla
  • Award-winning singer, songwriter and poet Stephan Dante
  • Nominated American rapper BWA Kane, Streaming his brand new single live and exclusively to the event from the USA
  • Royal singer Prince Bayo
  • Renowned classical and opera Singer Robert Magyar
  • Local songstress Robyn Gordon
  • DJ Nolan
  • Garage Mc – MC Kie

This incredible lineup covers musical genres from Rap to Opera, Soul to Pop and many things in-between.  This is a line up of Chart-topping artists, stadium-filling performers, and amazing talents.  It’s the kind of lineup that makes you wonder who would come up with such a thing?  If you look into the history of the producer Stevie Eagle E you will understand that this type of musical, artistic and visual fusion is his ‘MO’,  This is what he does.

We spoke briefly by phone with Stevie Eagle E about the event he told us this:

This event kind of took on a life of its own.  Originally it was just going to be a kind of classy exclusive fashion showcase for G Salvatore and I thought let’s get an artist in to break up the night a bit, and it kind of went from there.  Obviously, I know a lot of artists and they talk and the next thing I know I had so many wanting to get involved, but I did not want it to be all of the same things.  I wanted it to express my love of music all music.  I wanted the night to express my love of diversity and so I chose artists that I really love who are all just a little different in musical genre and style.  I think that if you love music you will love it all, but if you like a certain kind of music, we will have an artist there that can blow you away because they are all amazing.

The event takes place at the M-Club in Birmingham on the 20th of January starting at 5pm until 10pm and then there is also a VIP After Party, and it promises to be the night of the year so far in 2018.  Hopefully an early sign of what we can expect throughout the year.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Birmingham area, grab yourself a ticket and enjoy an incredible night of fashion and music at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase.

Shlepp Entertainment Present the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase

For more information about the event or to purchase tickets visit

Pictures courtesy of Sally Sparrow Photography, Shlepp Entertainment, and Rogan O’Connor



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