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Jordon Kensington presents Kelly Elliman with her first award of 4 at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

Birmingham Greyhound Protection’s Kerry Elliman wins big at Birmingham Inspiration Awards – Full list of winners!

It was little surprise to many at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards at the ICC when Kerry Elliman won most charitable business along with three other awards.  Kerry Elliman is well known throughout Birmingham for her tireless work at Greyhound Protection.  We share the full story behind Kerry and all the other news concerning the Birmingham Inspiration Awards and Top UK Model finals.

The ICC in Birmingham will host the Birmingham Inspiration Awards and Top UK Model 2017 finals on Saturday Nov 11th

Birmingham UK poised for one of it’s biggest nights of the year as the Inspiration Awards hits town on a night of inspiration and celebration.

On Saturday the 11h of November at the Birmingham ICC something quite special is about to take place.  The Birmingham Inspiration Awards.  What makes this event all the more interesting and powerful is that is ‘by the people for the people’.  I am sure many of the big media moguls and businesses are scratching their heads wondering, how did this get so big and slip right under our radar for so long?  How was something like this done and we did not do it?  The basic truth of the matter is that something like this can rarely be done by the super big boys or the media moguls like ‘Simon Cowell’.  These types of events need to be thought out and brought to life by Mavericks not tied down to the same rules as everyone else (Commerical constraints and TV schedules).  That is the only way something a little different can be done and that is the way the Birmingham Inspiration Awards has come about.

Ayi Jihu set to hit the runway at London Fashion week with House of iKons

Ayi Jihu set to hit the runway at London Fashion week with House of iKons

Chinese RnB sensation Ayi Jihu has joined with the fashion group House of Ikons part of the Lady K Enterprises run by Fashion guru and producer Savita Kaye. She will be performing at the exclusive House of Ikons fashion show on Saturday 13th of September 2014 at the Hilton London Paddington. The House of Ikons […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu makes a splash at the premiere of her first film

A little bit of history as Chinese star Ayi Jihu sees first film hit the big screen.

This was not your West End huge blockbuster movie premiere. Rather a more modest affair in South East London at a Boutique art house cinema in Bermondsey Square. However the significance of the event was not lost on many who packed into Shortwave Cinema for the London Independent Film Festival screening of ‘I believe in […]

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models the Angela Demontigny Young Native™ look styled like Tonto from Lone Ranger 2013

Lone Ranger native designer Angela Demontigny stands alone crossing over her Young Native™ Fashion line with some controversy

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models Native Designer Angela DeMontigny’s new Young Native style look Young Native Fashion™ takes Native Fashion mainstream Just as Johnny Depp has experienced criticism for the role of Tonto in the new Lone Ranger film so has Native Designer Angela DeMontigny been put under the hammer for certain aspects of her […]

world exclusive first look at the new Ayi Jihu FearChaser™ outfit designed by Angela DeMontigny of Young Native Fashion™

Young Native™ Fashion arrives with a bang revealing the first look of Ayi Jihu’s new FearChaser™

The launch of the Young Native™ Fashion line today signals the arrival of Native Fashion into the mainstream fashion market in a credible way.  For years many have dabbled with the concept of Native American (Canadian) influences and vibes in their fashion lines but until now no one has really been able to crack that […]


Chinese Star Ayi Jihu historic presentation at NAMA (Native American Music Awards)

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu continues to etch her mark on history by being the first Chinese  artist to be invited to present an award at the NAMA Awards (Native American Music Awards) at Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls on May 10th 2013. The Native American Music Awards represents the Native American Community and […]