Sunday, September 24, 2023

Can reggae tip the environmental balance and heal Mahdah Urf?

There is no doubt that the biggest issue affecting us all is climate change and the environment.  Let's face it, without a planet what difference do all the other issues make?  Almost every week we are looking at some type of environmental disaster happening around the world.  Things are getting to the stage where we cannot afford to ignore it anymore, yet still, most people continue to ignore it bubbled in their 'I'm alright Jack' attitude or it being over there, and not over here.  Many people do not quite get the concept of an ecosystem delicately balanced, and what happens 'over there' will eventually effect 'over here'.

A New Film By Flaminia Graziadei Featuring Ayi Jihu Tackles Child Abuse Head On

The latest work from award-winning director Flaminia Graziadei is a daunting film that tackles the subject of child abuse. The film also features Chinese star Ayi Jihu in her first film. Ayi Jihu happens to be Global Ambassador for Sisha an organization at the forefront of combating Human Trafficking and exploitation and the abuse of children.

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Nebraska Mother Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Giving Daughter Abortion Pills

Jessica Burgess, a Nebraska mother accused of helping her teenage daughter use pills to end her pregnancy, was sentenced to two years in prison...

Kansas Will No Longer Change Transgender Birth Certificates To Reflect Their Gender Identities

Kansas will no longer change transgender people's birth certificates to reflect their gender identities, the state health department said Friday, citing a new law...

Missouri High School Names Transgender Homecoming Queen, Causing Debate

Social media ignited a debate Tuesday over a Missouri high school's inauguration of a new homecoming queen. Oak Park High School in Kansas City recently...
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