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Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment has assembled an amazing lineup of international stars to perform at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase on January 20th 2018

Music and Fashion combine as an incredible host of International stars descend on Birmingham for fashion showcase.

January is set to hit with a bang, at least in Birmingham as the buzz around the city is all about the G Salvatore fashion showcase event taken place this weekend at the M-Club.  When most are still waking up from the excesses of Christmas and New year it seems Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment was busy planning yet another great event.  This time it is not the Birmingham Inspiration Awards or Top UK Model 2017 but a fashion showcase for designer G Salvatore This is a unique event, unlike any other fashion showcase we have ever seen in the way it combines fashion and music with an incredible lineup of international stars, top models, and celebrity hosts.

world exclusive first look at the new Ayi Jihu FearChaser™ outfit designed by Angela DeMontigny of Young Native Fashion™

Young Native™ Fashion arrives with a bang revealing the first look of Ayi Jihu’s new FearChaser™

The launch of the Young Native™ Fashion line today signals the arrival of Native Fashion into the mainstream fashion market in a credible way.  For years many have dabbled with the concept of Native American (Canadian) influences and vibes in their fashion lines but until now no one has really been able to crack that […]