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Beetlejuice Documentary Trailer Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg produced a new documentary based on Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice called, Documentary for the Recently Deceased. The film will cover all aspects of the Beetlejuice production: from filming in East Corinth, Vermont, to the stop-motion and special effects work, as well as a series of exclusive interviews and rare behind […]

Bhangra Star Tubsy to perform live at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

Bhangra great Tubsy to join Stephan Dante live at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

One of Bhangra’s most enduring stars Tubsy is set to join one of the new rising stars on the block Stephan Dante at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards on the 11th of November live on stage at the ICC.

Chinese Tech Wizz Kid Jayson Ho links up with award winning singer Stephan Dante for special Chinese New year event in Bangkok

Chinese tech entrepreneur Jayson Ho links up with Singer Stephan Dante for exclusive New Years event in Bangkok.

What happens when Chinese/British entrepreneur and Tech wiz Jayson Ho invites an artist over to his exclusive event in Bangkok and that artist cannot make it? Simple being the guy he is he makes it happen anyway. That’s exactly what happened when Jayson Ho (Head of Tech company D8ii) wanted to have rising star Stephan Dante at his exclusive Chinese new year event at Char Rooftop bar in Bangkok. Stephan Dante was unable to make it due to her son being unwell. Jayson Ho is a man not used to not getting his way and so he contacted Stevie Eagle E from Shlepp Entertainment to set up a live video streaming performance with Stephan Dante to his guests.

Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova with Bahia Secretary of Tourism

Chinese star Ayi Jihu wows the Secretary of Tourism in Bahia Brazil

Chinese star Ayi Jihu wowed the Secretary of Tourism for Bahia in Brazil at a special meeting earlier today with Brazilian star Edu Casanova. Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova discussed many ways to spread the culture of Brazil and Bahia to the world. Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova who recently completed a song with the […]

Tito Jackson, Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova collaborate on new song Bola Vez

The Legend, The Madonna and the Casanova – Tito Jackson, Ayi Jihu and Edu

Legend Tito Jackson, Chinese star Ayi Jihu and Brazilian Star Edu Casanova Before Chinese star Ayi Jihu could speak English, she could speak ‘Jackson’. Like millions of Chinese kids Ayi Jihu, also known as ‘The Chinese Madonna‘ grew up singing and dancing to Michael Jackson. In her own words ‘We did not know what we […]

Award winning director Flamina Graziadei on set of her new film 'I believe in Monsters'

I believe in Monsters – Making of another masterpiece

I visited the set for the upcoming short film I Believe in Monsters, a cosy and lively set hosting a dark tale. Directed by award – winning film maker Flaminia Graziadei, spoke to me about her last film Inside out and her future projects. Formerly began her career in theatre as a dancer and choreographer […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu at the Native American Music Awards

Nelly Furtado, Ayi Jihu, Angela DeMontigny, Terri Lynn, Jana Mashonee, Indian Elvis and many more at the Native American Music Awards 2013

On the American side of the Border with Canada a stones throw away from Niagara Falls in the Seneca Casino and Hotel complex, Native American and Canadian artists celebrated the best of their culture, music and vibe at the 14th NAMA (Native American Music Awards). They were joined by Chinese Star Ayi Jihu, herself a […]