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Domestic Violence Doesn’t Just Affect Women, It Affects Men Too

Two of Johnny's ex-partners, Winona Ryder and the mother of his two children, Vanessa Paradis, have both said that he was never violent towards them. This is further backed up by several witnesses who were called to testify against Amber. Not one person saw Amber with bruises on her face.
Black elderly woman in pain and crying

How The UK Government Is Failing Familes And The Elderly In Care Homes During...

Before she was in this care home, her home was always full of visiting siblings, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, members of the community were always stopping by, her life was always full of contact, love and interaction.  We had set up video conferencing so members of her family in Jamaica and America could always call and speak to her.  In fact, it got to the point when we hardly had a moment of peace because there was always someone coming in, going out, or calling to speak to mum. Almost overnight, she went from that scenario to being locked down in a care home, where we could only see her through a glass window.  It seemed like you were visiting an inmate in prison only no chair or microphone was provided.  We have to stand outside a window that is cracked open and speak to her when they have a moment to wheel her to that window.  No, longer is she surrounded by the love of family and friends, no longer can she eat the West Indian foods she loves that we prepared every day for her with love.  Now, she is alone and isolated from the kids she struggled so hard to bring up.

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