The compelling argument of what each aborted child could have become and could have achieved no matter the circumstances of their conception or birth is often ignored or not mentioned at all.


We live in challenging times.  A time when almost all fundamentals are being questioned and or torn down.  The pro-life debate is now dividing people across political, social and religious domains with each side taking a firm and entrenched stance either for abortion or against it.  Throughout this raging divide and argument, it seems that one thing is rarely discussed.  We argue about the mother, We argue about the rights of the mother, we argue about the life of the baby, and we argue about the circumstances surrounding the conception of the baby, but what no one seems to want to discuss is the impact of that child, that life that spirit on the world in the future, because the truth of the matter is no one knows what that baby would grow up to do no matter the circumstances of their conception or surroundings and it seems to be assumed that this child would grow up to just be a burden on society or worse, but is that truly the case?

I would like to give my circumstance as an example.  Many decades ago my mother slipped and fell trying to get onto to a route master double-decker bus in London.  She was about one month pregnant with me in her stomach.  Emergency services were called as she lay in the street in a pool of blood, most of that blood coming from her womb. The diagnosis at the time was not good. She was told that great damage had been done to the baby and that there was a strong chance that I would be stillborn, severely handicapped or ill.  She was advised it would be better for all concerned if I were terminated.  She was advised that the outlook for her life and mine was miserable and that it would be better for all concerned if I were aborted.  The fact that I am here now writing this article tells you she did not listen to that advice. I was born with several complications and spent the first two years of my life in and out of hospitals, mostly in.  Growing up I also suffered several issues but as time went by these issues became less and less and I was able to live a normal productive life like everyone else.

How many great people have be killed by abortion
How many great people have be killed by abortion

In my life I have gone on to do many amazing things, historic things, but more importantly I have touched the lives of Millions of people, helped hundreds if not thousands, inspired and pushed many to greater things and I have made a positive impact on this world that I am very proud of.  I have also done things that are not good, hurt some people and got many things wrong, but the good far outweighs the bad.  I have 6 children, and several grandchildren each one doing their thing for the world and making an impact.  Ok maybe I did not turn into the next Nelson Mandella, Michael Jackson or Issac Newton, but I could have done.  Maybe I did not become Elon Musk or invent a way to harness energy for no cost but I could have done.  The truth of the matter is as poor as we were (and we were very poor) and as challenged as my birth and life were, I could have gone on to do anything and I have done some amazing things and contributed to this world and this life.  So what if my mother had aborted me and listened to the advice of the doctors?  I would have not done any of the great things I have.  My kids would not be here.  My grandchildren would not be here.  All the people I helped and inspired would have gone without it (from me at least).  Basically, the world would have lost something and not just anything, but something great.  Because, every human being no matter their circumstances of conception, birth or upbringing has the opportunity to do something great and can add something amazing to this life.  We also have the potential to do the opposite and if you are not born in ideal circumstances then the potential to be a minus rather than a plus may be greater, but none of us truly know or can predict and many a great human being has risen from terrible beginnings to do amazing things in this world.


When you think that since the 70s 18 million black kids alone have been aborted that equates as 18 million amazing opportunities killed. The drive by organisations such as Planned Parenthood that target black women have been successful as black women, unfortunately, top the list for abortions now.  Before this insidious and nefarious movement to push black women into abortions black women were by far at the bottom of the list. Who knows what genius, what inspiration, what ideas, what love, what hope those kids could have eventually brought to this world?  Who knows what their children, grandchildren or those they inspired, taught, and helped would have brought to our world?  Who knows how many great leaders, athletes, businessmen, scientists, humanitarians, fathers, mothers, friends doctors or great people we have killed?  It seems to be assumed by those doing the killing that all 18 million of these children would have just been thieves, drug addicts, killers or burdens on society and it was better to get rid of them.  I am just one person and I have reached millions in my lifetime, imagine what 18 Million of me could achieve?  When you think about the figure of 18 million killed it is more than the holocaust and the tragedy of it is that this is only black women, add the true amount of abortions since the 70’s and we have no idea how many millions of innocent lives, opportunities have been taken away, we could be talking hundreds of millions.  We could be talking about more than the entire population of the United Kingdom and more. A whole nation has been killed, Just digest that for a moment.

I think the arrogance and selfishness of the abortion movement do everything in thier power to ignore this fact and instead focus on stories of individuals who will suffer because they are not able to abort a child.  From a biblical perspective (and I know already many people will be cringing as though the bible, Christianity is the worse thing possible) even your body is not yours to destroy.  Suicide is not permitted and is viewed as sin no matter what the circumstances are.  So if you cannot kill yourself under any circumstances how can you kill a life that is inside you?

I have had many discussions with women and people on this point and needless to say these conversations are often fractious.  However, I have resorted to explaining things with this analogy;  Look at your life as a rental, You can do almost anything with a rental that you want.  You can think how you wish in a rental, you go where you want in a rental, you do almost anything you want in a rental, but you do not have the right to destroy to deliberately destroy that rental under any circumstances. The issue we have here is people are in rentals for so long that they begin to think they own the car and can just do whatever they like to it.  When you look at it from that perspective the ‘My body, My Choice’ rhetoric does not hold up.  It’s your mind for sure and you can think what you want, but it is not your body to destroy and mistreat.  Even gluttony is considered a sin.  Think about that.  Eating too much and destroying your body is considered sinful (from a biblical perspective).  Why would that be a sin if it’s your body to do whatever you want with?  Worth thinking about.

I know in these times there are many especially those in certain communities that feel the bible is just an old-fashioned bit of junk that prohibits them from doing whatever they want.  That thinking alone should shine a light on the mindset and character of those who think that way.  Throwing away thousands of years of working wisdom and facts for ideas that have popped up in the last 100 years or so.  These people cannot even argue that their ideas have made the world better because it is not better. I am sure that when abortion was illegal or very difficult there were not 18 million women dying. The world is more divided, more lives are being lost, more turmoil, wars and mess than ever before in our so-called progressive society.  In fact, it seems to me the further we move away from the basic fundamentals the worse things get.

No matter what your views are on abortion, you cannot argue that hundreds of millions of opportunities are being destroyed, not given a chance to flourish and we have no idea what the outcome of that will be.  At this point, it is not looking like all those 18 million kids killed have produced a better world, society, more stability, peace, understanding or even choice,  so tell me, Why were they slaughtered?  Are we ever given the figures for how those 18 million mothers thrived after having these abortions?  How many of them would do it now?  How many of them did it over and over again?  How many of them went on to have great productive happy thriving lives after doing this?  We just don’t know, because no one wants you to know.  They do not want you to think about any of these things, they only wish you to think selfishly Me, me, me, me, me.

I am just so grateful to my mother for not listening to those (I’m sure well-meaning) doctors who advised her to terminate me.  Not only because of the blessing of my own life experience throughout all my trials and tribulations, but also because of the blessings that I have been able to bestow on many others including my children.