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Review: La La Land is one of those films we need more of!

With 2014’s “Whiplash” Damien Chazelle cemented his place among the most promising up-and-coming filmmakers. After its release few could question the 31 year-old’s deep and sincere affection for music. His affection is made even clearer with his latest film, the bold, audacious, and utterly delightful “La La Land”. It kind of makes sense he is jazz drummer himself.


Top 10 movies of 2016? You choose.

This year has been an exciting year for film check out our top 10 movies and let us know what yours are!?

Fences Poster

Denzil Washington and cast Shine in New film ‘Fences’ – Review

I love many things about movies, but perhaps nothing more than watching great actors and actresses ply their trade. And when top-tier performers are given meaty, robust material to work with, the results are often spellbinding. A prime example – Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in the riveting family drama “Fences”.

The Saddest movie of all time is set to hit the big screen – S.A.D the movie exclusive trailer preview

I’m sure we can all remember a movie that left us with a feeling of sorrow or sadness. Tear Jerker’s stick in our mind even more than movies that makes us laugh or sit in awe. Sadness is perhaps the most sticky of and remaining of emotional states. So it is with great pleasure we bring you the first exclusive peek at the movie being made to take being SAD to another level. #SADtheMovie is here and it is here to stay. Since it burst onto the social scene less than 3 months ago it has picked up an avalanche of follows and fans. It seems being SAD is quite popular.

Fredi Kruga speaks before screening of this film 'If Only'

Film Review: ‘If Only’ by Fredi Kruga – Dawn of a new Star!

There are many reasons why short films do not always ignite the public interest.  For one they are not often commercial enough and also they can be a little self absorbed.  It’s a shame though that the public perception of short films is not better because there are some real gems out there.  Fredi Kruga’s […]