Chief Of Staff Lula Maciel, Attends FEELn Festival Favela Kids Easter Event in Itinga

Chief Of Staff Lula Maciel attends the inaugural FEELn festival event in the Favelas of Itinga, Bahia, Brazil.

Secretario Lula Maciel attends Feeln festival favela kids easter event
Secretario Lula Maciel attends Feeln festival favela kids easter event

As the FEELn festival prepares for its inaugural event in Bahia, Brazil in December 2023 it is already holding many events worldwide to support Youth, Children and Communities in need.  On April 9th at the UPMI STEAM Learning center in Favela of Itinga FEELn festival, its first community event was held in Brazil.  The special Easter event for the youth and children of the Favela was held to bring a few smiles to the community challenged with difficult circumstances due to poverty and lack of resources.

Chief of Staff Lula Maciel and other members of his team attended the event to support the efforts of the FEELn festival ahead of the main event in December 2023.  The FEELn festival will be unique in many ways and with the participation of the Bahian authorities it is set to be one of the biggest festivals the world has seen.

The FEELn festival works in conjunction with several foundations including the Thembelike Mandela Foundation and the One Gaia Foundation.  The aim of the FEELn festival is to raise as much funds as possible through the festival to assist youth, children and communities in need worldwide.  Working closely with the Head of Youth Development for the FEELn festival and also the Head of One Gaia Leslie Loh the FEELn festival will be expanding their work, programs and initiatives already set up in Hong Kong, The Philippines and Jamaica to Africa, Brazil, China and India.

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