Fuzzbox Announce A New Album And Book ‘We’ve Got A Box Set And We’re Going To Use It’


Although Fuzzbox are a post-British punk phenomenon, they hit the chart stateside with a Myriad of hits including the self-deprecating track ‘Self’ which signaled a change in direction from the post-punk sound that emanated from the home of the British steel industry in Birmingham. This was the city in which they cut their teeth, playing a wide and varied range of smoke ridden pubs and clubs and alternative festivals.

While touring clubs of Europe, they signed to the independent label ‘Vindaloo.’ The band spawned a glut of independent hits which kept them in the “New Musical Express” Indie chart for over 25 weeks.

One well-known cult classic from Fuzzbox was their brilliant original rendition of Norman Greenbaum’s proto glam classic ‘Spirit In The Sky.’

It has to be said that Clive Jackson, better known as the Doctor from the band Doctor And The Medics witnessed Fuzzbox’s rendition of ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and decided to record the song with his band.

Many owe a debt of gratitude to the band who’s originality has since been an inspiration to many girl-bands. Fuzzbox inspired girl-bands to play their own instruments and write material that reflects the female experience in a male-driven world.

Fuzzbox has defied the norm and has changed continuously both image and sound in a way which would make David Bowie would be proud.

The new album features collaborations from Toyah Wilcox, Fall producer Mike Bennett, and Steve Etherington of the Rubettes Fuzzboxfeaturing John, Mick, and Steve.

The package also includes collaboration from the members of Spiritualised, Spaceman 3, Elbow and The Pet Shop Boys.

Available soon on Gonzo Multimedia and will consist of a book, box set and all things fuzzy, and will be promoted by ‘Queen Mother of Music Promotions’ Barbara Sobel of Sobel Promotions.

Fuzzbox, Mike Bennett, and Steve Etherington are managed by Barbara Sobel/Sobel Promotions

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