Rap Star Kaos MC and Lokos Da Favela deliver smiles to the kids of the Favela for Easter

Brazilian Rap star Kaos MC also known as the Hip Hop Robin Hood along with members of his community group The Lokos Da Favela delivered smiles to the kids of the Favela in Lauro De Frietas, Icinga Brazil during easter by visiting kids at their homes to give them food, toys and gifts.


Kaos Mc delivers smiles to the kids of the Favela in Brazil

As the world struggles with coronavirus the mostly forgotten people of the Favela are left to fend for themselves.  The economic impact that is being felt worldwide is even more severe in the favelas.  There is very little help for the people here, very little government bailouts and employers and business can do almost what they like.  This led to an even bleaker easter for many of the kids in the favela.  Parents are feeling the pinch and little things like chocolate eggs are now surplus to requirements.  Enter Brazilan Rap star Kaos MC who has made it his business over the years to look out for the people of the favela especially the kids.  This year was no different and despite all that is going on Kaos Mc and the Lokos Da Favela Family along with Doc B Productions and Shlepp Entertainment from the UK were determined to do something for the kids of the Favela.

Every year at this time Kaos and the Lokos Da Favela family throw a kids party and give out gifts, and toys.  This accompanied with entertainment, music, clowns and lots of fun things for the kids to do.  However, as we are all too painfully aware those types of events are not possible right now and it remains to be seen under what restrictions or rules they will be allowed again in the future.  Despite this Kaos MC and the Lokos Da Favela family decided to go ahead.  They decided to take the ‘mountain to Muhammad’ and deliver the toys, gifts and goodies to the kids in the favela at their homes instead.

Kaos MC was accompanied by members from Shlepp TV/Shlepp Entertainment who shot the event.

Stevie Eagle E Shlepp TV/Shlepp Entertainment told Global News Ink:

It was amazing how fast the news travelled through the favela and how much smiles and joy this brought to people there and to us doing it.  Let’s be honest there has not been a lot to smile about for a while.  These kids here and their families really do appreciate the effort you make for them.  They are not used to being considered and fend very well for themselves, they just get on with it, but even still what we did made an impact because it brought smiles to their kids.  It was a great feeling.

To find out more about the event or donate visit the official website.

We have no idea what exactly the future holds for the world, but what we do know is that giving and helping others, no matter what kind of world we find ourselves in is the only way forward.