Artist and production duo EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) return after over a decade with a brand new single 'Drop and Gimmie 20' featuring Kaos Mc, Mr. Jack and Introducing Quezia Brazil


EEDB (Stevie Eagle E and Peter Doc B) have reunited and are coming back with their first single release in over a decade.  The new single is called ‘Drop and Gimme 20‘ and features Brazilian rising rap star Kaos Mc another Brazilian rapper Mr. Jack and introduces us to the beautiful Brazilian model and artist Quezia Brazil.  EEDB had a string of notable tracks, productions and remixes in the late ’90s and early Millenium and despite originally being a Rap act had more success in the UK dance charts and club charts with songs like ‘Time’ by The Flirtations, Dancefloor, and Boom Bang Bang by Leslie Loh.

EEDB went their different ways after more than 10 years together as a production and artist team.  Peter Bielig known as Doc B went on to create and develop a new Rap scene in Bahia Brazil and, has now become a recognized name and figure in Brazil as a producer and DJ developing and producing the likes of Kaos Mc, MR. Jack and Bull Dogg.  Kaos Mc recently hit the global music scene with his debut single What’s Wrong, which featured Mega star Tito Jackson and huge music star Alex Boye.  The track was produced by Doc B and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records is the label as well as the PR and Marketing company behind the track which got to no,13 in the Music week pop dance charts and did well around the world.

Stevie Eagle E went on to develop Shlepp Entertainment Ltd a small but global entertainment and media company which has won awards for its films and it’s artists, developed global stars like Ayi Jihu (The Chinese Madonna) and works with some of the biggest names and brands in the entertainment industry doing production, PR, Marketing and events as well as social projects.  Shlepp Entertainment is also the record label putting out the track.

Now the two have reunited and EEDB is back.  Stevie Eagle E told us that they are just taking it one project at a time, but the intention is to continue, as EEDB producing music, artists and also putting out music as themselves.

Drop and Gimme 20 from EEDB

Drop and Gimme 20 is scheduled for release on August 19, 2019.  It will feature pop house and uptempo Latin reggaeton remixes from former Prince DJ Larry Peace and Deep underground house mixes from Mr. E as well as another remix from Doc B.  The original track comes across as a fusion of Reggaeton and Techno.  Stevie Eagle E told us the song will not be indicative of their future style but was something they decided to kick off with because it was inspired by the vibe in Bahia, Brazil right now and they wanted to bring it to the West with a slightly different flavor and approach. When we asked what we could expect from EEDB in the future Stevie Eagle E replied, ‘anything and everything, I don’t like to be limited or restricted and I don’t restrict or limit myself so, the next track could be classical for all I know.’

You can stream the song now at  There are 5 mixes for you to get your teeth into.  The video is set for release mid to late next week and we hope to get an exclusive here on GlobalNewsink.