Brazilian Rap Star Kaos Mc and British Soul Star Noel Mckoy to team up on new song.

Brazilian rap star Kaos Mc is set to collaborate with British soul star Noel Mckoy on a new song they are writing together.


Kaos Mc has taken rap from the Favela to the world.  Teaming up with superstars like Tito Jackson and working with EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) and others from around the world.  Now he is set to extend his reach into the UK Soul and R&B Market with a collaboration with Platinum recording soul, Acid Jazz, R&B and Reggae star Noel Mckoy.

UK soul, Reggae and R&B star Noel Mckoy

Noel Mckoy and Kaos Mc were introduced by Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment and EEDB.  The song which will be an EEDB production will be produced mainly in Brazil at Doc B Productions studios in Bahia.  Noel Mckoy who co-wrote the song with EEDB and Kaos Mc briefly told us the song will be a reflection of the great soul and R&B songs of the past with a new twist.  He also said he was looking forward to performing the song with Kaos Mc in Brazil and bringing his fusion of Soul, R&B and also Reggae to the Brazilians in the near future.

“The rhythm and vibe of Brazil, especially Bahia where Kaos is from is just amazing to me.  They are just the best musicians in the world if you ask me and seem to be able to take rhythm to another level that I have only experienced in Jamaica and Africa.  I look forward to going there and performing I know what I bring the Brazilians will love.”

Kaos Mc told us he is committed to putting the Favela on the map in the right way.

“People think they know the Favela, They think they know what our lives are like, but they don’t.  We struggle, life is hard and we are the forgotten ones, yes, but we are family and we smile and get on with it.  The Favela is like a world within a world, especially in Bahia and Itinga, there is no place like it and many will never get to see or experience it because they are afraid.  With the music and with what I am doing it is my way of showing the world the Favela has a lot to offer.  I hope I can change the perception of the Favela just a little and that by taking myself global I can reach out to artists to come here, perform here and share their music.  Not just at the big carnivals and the obvious events, but in the Favela where the people really appreciate and know good music and good performance.”

The song Kaos MC and Noel McKoy are working on does not have a working title or a specific release date yet.  Kaos Mc is busy promoting ‘Make it Rain’ where he features with EEDB, Lavonz, Bull Dogg and The Flirtations.  Head of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, Stevie Eagle E has told us the song could be ready before Christmas depending on recording commitments.