Are Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Suffering From ‘Opportunistic Dementia’ Again?


Make it stop!

Yet, once again, rumors are being spewed that Prince Harry and his wife will be returning to the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Let’s look at this logically.

Prince Harry and his wife alleged they suffered from abuse from two parties in their lives. Harry’s wife’s father and the Royals. I will include the UK public and press in with the Royals.

Let’s refresh our memories regarding the abuse

Thomas Markle

Despite growing up in an upper-middle-class background, Harry’s wife claimed to have struggled her entire life.

One can completely understand the struggle of poverty.

It is difficult growing up with a mother and father in an upper-middle-class background, as Harry’s wife did in Los Angeles, California never having to worry about where her next meal would come from. Or if the bills will be paid before the electricity and water was shut off.

Harry’s wife should have compared stories of her life growing up with the children in Harlem she tortured by reading ‘The Bench’, which was about the relationship between a father and son.

I am sure she could relate to the stories that the children would share about their experiences growing up without a father and going to bed hungry.

Or being a latchkey kid, because their mother was out working 3 jobs.

They can discuss how, at age 10, they were in charge of their brothers and sisters, while their mother was at work.

Maybe their father was killed and their mother is a drug addict and they are being raised by their grandparents.

Not to mention the drugs and violence located in their neighborhood. Harry’s wife can relate to poor neighborhoods having grown up in Los Angeles, California.

Yes. I am sure Haz’s wife has similar stories about her life growing up abused in poverty.

She can tell the children about how her father provided her with ballet lessons, took her on vacations around the world, horseback riding, to expensive restaurants, and paid for private school and college education.

She can relate with the children regarding abuse by discussing how her father abused her. Abuse so bad that it is collaborated by nobody.

Not even her beloved mother Doria.

As a former social worker, and mandated reporter, having received her Master Of Social Work from the University Of Southern California, and passing California’s licensing exam in 2015,  Doria would have known what abuse looks like.

Who paid for Harry’s wife’s trip when she was 15? Was she working as a yacht girl then? Did she know where she was since she knew nothing about the Royals?

By the way. The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires social workers to report any cases of suspected abuse to those outside of the United States.

Heck. Even Amber Heard was able to get her sister to go on the stand and lie about abuse.

Not one person can collaborate Haz’s wife’s story regarding abuse. I can point out lots of people who are saying she is lying (once again.)

Maybe this was a case of ‘recollections may vary?’

Harry’s wife’s father was recently hospitalized with a stroke, a few hours away from her. Did she go and see him? No.

Instead, she chose to hop on a private plane ALONE (where was Haz, the person who actually does have a title), and fly to Texas for a photo op in front of a memorial for children who were murdered in a school shooting.

She went before the President of the United States and the First Lady (who didn’t attend right away to allow for the investigation to continue and to let the parents and community grieve in peace.)

Shock! The President of the United States wanted to allow people to grieve in peace! He wanted the press to be about them… NOT HIM.

It is unclear why her charity did nothing nor have they EVER mentioned ANY mass shootings prior to this one, and the charity has shown no interest in gun control, and this matter is of sudden importance to Harry’s wife.

But then again. Harry’s wife allegedly has a daughter and Haz wore a shirt stating ‘girl dad.’ Yet, the great humanitarian feminist and the person who cheated and flunked classes in school have said nothing about Roe v Wade being overturned.

One would think a feminist would want her daughter and women to be able to have reproductive rights over their own bodies.  Yet, she has said NOTHING regarding the abortion issue, nor has taken part in any women’s marches or protests.

Harry’s wife’s publicist stated she went to the Texas memorial because she is allegedly a  ‘mother.’

On May 14, 2022, in Buffalo New York, a white supremacist, Trump supporter, who was an adherent of the Great Replacement Theory which he learned from Fox News, drove to a supermarket specifically to kill black people.

10 people were murdered.

On May 28, 2022, Vice-President Kamala Harris (who is bi-racial and married to a white man) and the Second Gentleman went to a memorial service for the oldest victim, 86-year-old Ruth E. Whitfield.

Whitfield had just left from visiting her husband of 68 Years at a nursing home – a daily routine she partook in for eight years prior to being killed.

The Vice-President met with family members prior to the service, spoke (even though she did not plan to),  and left a large bouquet of white flowers at the memorial.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden had placed flowers at the same memorial on May 17 and had visited with the victims’ families.

I must have been cleaning the cat box. Did I miss the great humanitarian, Harry’s wife or her charity even mention this hate crime mass shooting?

Did she hop on a plane and fly to Buffalo ‘as a woman of color?’ Did she denounce racism?

Haz’s wife alleges she experienced racism firsthand from the Royals, press, and UK public.  She probably considers herself an ‘expert’ on the subject. She MUST have mentioned it.

Did she mention Katherine “Kat” Massey, a civil rights leader who was murdered? How about Sunday School teacher Pearly Young who ran a food pantry? How about Deacon Heyward Patterson who used to help people get to the only grocery store in the neighborhood and helped them with their groceries?

Don’t these black people who died getting groceries by the hand of a white supremacist, Fox News watching, Trump supporter matter?

People were killed only because they were black. Did she bring flowers to their memorial?

On April 3, 2022, at approximately 2:00 a.m. PDT, a mass shooting occurred in downtown Sacramento, California.

Six people were killed and twelve others were injured. The Sacramento Bee Newspaper described it as the “worst mass shooting in Sacramento’s history”.

I must have been having a colonoscopy without anesthesia.

Did Harry and his wife take a limo with her bodyguard and camera crew to the site to lay flowers?

Did her charity hold a fundraiser for people who were murdered in her own state? Did she bring food?

I digress. Back to discussing Mr. Markle.

Harry’s wife chose not to see her father in the hospital after suffering another stroke.

Haz chose not to meet his father-in-law for the first time and have him meet the alleged children.

Could this be a reason why? Netflix would not be permitted to film.

In August 2015, a law was passed forbidding filming in hospitals without consent.

This law was passed after a reality television show filmed the death of a man without getting his family’s approval.

Despite what others say, they could NOT bring a film crew to the hospital. I know the narcissists may feel otherwise, but the hospital is not going to break the law just because two people who want privacy want to film a reality show in the hospital.

Similar to getting kicked out of the UN because film crews are not allowed.

Instead, Haz’s wife chose to exploit dead children.  Not one picture of her comforting a family member.  Just perfectly framed posed pics of herself dressed like a slob. She didn’t even have the respect to remove her baseball cap.  She does love to crouch!

But then again, why would a grieving father who just lost their child in a school shooting want a woman who he doesn’t know dressed like a slob comforting him?

Maybe that is why she made this PR stunt about herself.  A PR stunt that the majority of the media sees right through?

I can almost guarantee, that those who lost a loved one in the Uvalde shooting, probably don’t even know who Haz’s wife is.

I know. She will be shocked as she delusionally said “I am told that in 2019 I was the most trolled person in the entire world — male or female.”

Harry and his wife paid fashion and celebrity photographer Lee Morgan to photograph them exploiting veteran’s (who they do not know) graves by stepping on them for a photo op to sell to the highest bidder.

Not that she tried to meet any of them and offer condolences, as a ‘mother’ (not as a former Royal.)

She just used it as a photo op (similar to the photo op in the Veterans Cemetary Remembrance Day, 2020.)

The Royals
Let me remind you of some of the things the pair who suffer from ‘opportunistic dementia’ claimed happened to them during their brief stint as Senior Royals. Yes, there are more. Don’t jump on me!

It was alleged:

  • Harry’s wife experience racism.
    On March 7, 2021, Harry’s wife alleged there was email evidence (despite Harry’s wife saying under oath correspondences are deleted due to security reasons) to collaborate her story about racist acts and she would release it.
    On March 12, Harry’s wife’s BFF Gayle King stated ‘I think Meghan has plenty of receipts, meaning she’s been keeping track of things.’
    She also promised they would be released.
    It’s only been 448 days at the time of writing this.
  • Harry’s wife was held, hostage.
  • Harry’s wife, despite being able to fly to New York for a baby shower for her alleged son (which had a pink theme) had her passport taken away.
  • Harry suffered from ‘Genetic Trauma’ (which is not recognized by the AMA and is not mentioned in the DSM-V.)
  • The press and people of the UK were racist.
  • Harry feared his wife would end up like Diana (despite nobody caring as demonstrated by her recent New York trip.)
  • Harry’s wife was suicidal. She was unable to ask her OBGYN (whose job it was to monitor her mental health), her husband, her mother who was a social worker, or all her friends at her baby shower for help. She was forced to ask an unnamed staff member who allegedly refused to help.
    The staff member, with no name so it can’t be verified, was nicer than me. I would say something to the effect ‘Why are you asking me? You have access to 24/7 medical treatment and a doctor monitoring your alleged pregnancy. Ask your husband to give you the phone number of his therapist.’
  • Harry and his wife were forced to flee England to save their lives and emotional well-being.
  • Harry and his wife wanted a ‘private’ life away from the cameras (No reality shows for this former Royal couple!)
  • The flash of press cameras causes Haz to decompensate because it triggers painful memories of his late ­mother.

Haz and his wife have spent over a year trying to destroy the Royal Family. According to

Harry’s wife claimed she was suicidal and had her passport taken away.
This baby shower was for a boy.

them, they make Satan look good.

Yet, they are attending the jubilee with their abusers. Will they also be putting their children’s lives in danger? We should call child protective service immediately (if they aren’t already involved.)

I ask any of those reading this.

If you were abused so badly you were forced to flee the country, would you bring your children, put them in harm’s way, and return to your abusers for a party?

Would you want to associate with racists?

How can Haz face the person or people who caused him genetic trauma?

There will be photographers there. Should Haz have a psychiatrist standing next to him at all times? We wouldn’t want him to decompensate when his picture is taken (this is different from the photographers that they may hire to follow them or the Netflix crew.)

Will the children be there? How will they handle Archie and THE RACIST WITH NO NAME (Que evil music.)

Then there is the security issue. Haz and his family felt it was too dangerous to attend Phillips memorial because their lives would be in danger from the UK people.

He and his wife were able to attend a private meeting with the Queen. I guess security was fine then?

I must have been sitting on the toilet with explosive diarrhea and missed it. Lies and BS tend to do that to me. PR teams who think the public is stupid do not help either.

Was the security issue taken care of? If not, how could they possibly attend?

Haz and his wife were lucky enough to escape an extremely dangerous situation in which their lives were in danger. So they claim.

Why in God’s name would they return to the scene of the crime?

Once Johnny Depp got away from Amber Heard, I didn’t see him returning for her birthday party.

Why would Haz and his wife… and put their children’s lives in danger?

Does it make any sense at all? Unless it was a PR move.

True victims of violence do not fly across the ocean to party with their abusers and place their children in a situation in which they can be harmed.

I do hope Catherine doesn’t make Harry’s wife cry.

I wrote on April 2, 2022 (the article can be found here.)

This article was written by me on March 28, 2022:
It Is Time Press Did Their Job And Stop Printing Propaganda Floated About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s PR People

I stand by my statement.

A person who is a victim of racism and abuse so bad that they were forced to flee the country, will not return to the scene of the crime and put their children in a dangerous situation.

Parents would not deliberately put their children in harm’s way subjecting them to racism.

Unless it never happened, they are suffering from ‘opportunistic dementia’ and forgot,  or the parents are so mentally ill that we need to call in authorities to investigate.

Which one do you think it is?