It Is Time Press Did Their Job And Stop Printing Propaganda Floated About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s PR People


Prince Harry and his wife announced on January 8, 2020, that they were stepping away from the Royal Family wanting to leave a ‘private life.’

Celebrities leaving the business to leave a normal life is nothing new. Greta Garbo infamously said ‘I Want To Be Alone’ and guess what. She left the business and was never seen again.

Other entertainers decided to step out of the limelight including Cameron Diaz and Phoebe Cates (who both stated they left the business to concentrate on their marriage), Tina Turner, Sean Connery, Peter Ostrum (who appeared in this author’s favorite movie ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factor’), Rick Moranis, Cary Grant, and Annie Lennox.

It isn’t uncommon for people to decide the limelight is not for them and they step away from it, and they don’t have difficulty doing so.

Tina Turner, one of the most famous musicians ever certainly had no problems doing so. You don’t hear her crying about reporters following her and how she fears for her life from them.

I have no difficulties with Prince Harry and his wife wanting to leave the Royal Family to raise their family. Why should I care? I am an American. We do not care about the political aspect of Royalty.

One of my jobs is as a promoter (  I work with some of the biggest dance music artists in the world and was named ‘Queen Mother Of Music Promotions’ and was named ‘Promoter Of The Year’ twice, which means I am darn good at my job and have people banging on my door wanting to work with me.

It is my job to spin stories, keep my artists’ names in the press, and if they choose to leave the business, ensure their privacy. Yes, I do have clients who are no longer in the business who keep me ‘on the payroll’ to ensure their privacy is left…. private.

It is not uncommon for a celebrity to keep on a manager/promoter on their payroll to safeguard their privacy from the press and fans.

Personally, I deeply respect their decision and work to ensure their decision is carried out.

Then there is Prince Harry and his wife who stated they wanted privacy and have done everything in their power to keep their names in the press by hiring Sunshine Sachs, More than 10 PR people, individuals to stalk middle-aged women on Twitter writing fake reports (please view HG Tudor’s Bot Sentinel Series by clicking here), and take employment which would cause them to work with the press.

Married adult multi-millionaires with ‘children’  who lied about being financially supported by their father should have no difficulty leading a private life if that was actually what they wanted to do.

But that is not what they chose.  They did not choose to lead a ‘private life’ away from the press.   They chose to torture the public by hiring people to float nonsense in the press on a daily basis to keep their name out there.  This is odd being that Harry is so mentally ill due to PTSD from the press that he has emotional breakdowns and can’t function every time he sees a camera, but I digress.

As a promoter, that is not the way I handle my clients.  But others handle their client’s in another way.  They go the ‘any press is good press’ route.

The latter is what these two chose.

Prince Harry and his wife determined that their meaning of a ‘private life’ is to

  1. Sign with Netflix and Spotify (which will keep them not only in the public eye but dealing with the press for promotional purposes.. something they stated causes emotional harm and they wanted nothing to do with.)
  2. Appear on Ellen and other talk shows (for what reason? Why is it necessary for private people to appear on talk shows just for the sake of being on a talk show?)
  3. Appear on the NAACP Award Shows for absolutely no reason and announce that they are starting an award named after their company and the winner would be awarded $100,000.  The first recipient of the award, Dr. Safiya Noble, is an employee of their company.  No conflict of interest here. No. None at all.
  4. Exploit Veterans not only in their cemetery but also at an awards show (where the veterans stated they were not welcome.)
  5. Hire Press to keep their names in the press even though it is lies

The latter has been established. Prince Harry and his wife have hired PR people to ensure that their names will be in the press. Unfortunately, the only press that will cover this nonsense is the gossip mags, ‘Royal Reporters,’ or publications owned by Russians. Reputable publications, The AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc refuse.

The last statement is paramount. Reputable publications will not print this nonsense. Partially, because they can’t be bought.

This brings us back to the purpose of this opinion piece.

It has been established that Prince Harry and his wife hired a promotion company to keep their name in the press, and this company feels that ‘any PR is good PR,’ which means any reputable reporter would verify the story prior to printing.

Let’s take, for example, the latest ‘Prince Harry And His Wife Will Be Presenting The Best Picture’

This story was floated all over the press and was picked up by so-called ‘Royal Experts’ who were quoting ‘unnamed sources.’

Let me show you why this was an easy one to pick up as a ‘fake story.’ We won’t mention WHY would people who want privacy and mentally decompensates every time he sees a camera would want to, on their own accord, purposely put themselves in harm’s way by going in front of the cameras.

Digressing again.

Here are some other ways to see right through this story

  • Never in the history of the Oscars has a person who interfered in American Politics presented an Oscar.
  • Never before have people who suffered from ‘opportunistic dementia’ in court presented an Oscar.
  • The Oscars have been losing ratings. Why would the Academy want two people whose favorability ratings are in the toilet, are hated, have partaken in unethical and immoral behavior, and have been threatened by a boycott if they were at the awards show to present an award?
  • What relevance (besides in their own minds) do they have which would make them appropriate to present an Oscar?

Lady Gaga (who should have been nominated for ‘House Of Gucci’) and living legend Liza Minnelli presented the Oscar.

Is there any question about why these two individuals were given the honor to present the ‘Best Picture’ award? Let’s also give props to Liza for showing up in a wheelchair looking gorgeous. Now to the Queen. You will be loved if you need assistance. People don’t care how they see you as long as they do. Nothing to be ashamed of, and you can be an inspiration to others.

The story was floated by PR people to gauge the public’s reaction. Which, was negative to say the least. PR stories are often floated about these two if you have noticed.

As shown. If one thinks rationally, one can see the evidence which would make one wonder if this is indeed a real story.

Problem is, reporters, print a story and don’t verify it. It sounds good. Provides ratings. Facts don’t matter.

A real reporter wouldn’t quote ‘sources.’ A real reporter would think of all the issues that just don’t make sense. A real reporter would pick up a phone or write an email to the Academy to verify.

If one actually did it, they would be told ‘no.’ Case closed.

Or, one would look at the list of presenters and seating chart released by the Academy and see (shock) their names aren’t on it.

Or, one would pick up a phone and call the PR company and ask. If one did, they would receive a ‘no comment’ from the company.

Usually, a company would say YES! After all. They would want the PR from MAJOR news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, and Fox News.

Being told ‘no’ by the Academy after verifying, and seeing the seating chart as well as presenter list would make most rational people think.. ‘Gee. Maybe this isn’t true.’

Instead, fans, haters, and everybody in between blindly believes.

This is not going to be the last time a PR company will be floating stories about these two.

May I suggest. Never trust a person who only quotes that they verified with ‘sources’ who have no names instead of actually going directly to the source for evidence.

May I also suggest that the public be very careful where they receive their information?

One should not trust a person who ONLY quotes ‘sources.’ A person who doesn’t go directly to a quotable source (example: ‘I called Sunshine Sachs, spoke to Mary Childe who told me that this story is not true.’)

By the way. Cleanup has already begun for the disaster of this floated story. Stories are being printed saying that the couple was asked to present prior, and they CAN’T present ‘Best Picture’ due to conflict of interest (you mean you didn’t know ‘Spencer’ was nominated prior to offering them the job? See. It makes no sense.)

The Oscar story will fade, and new stories will be floated.

Since we know the cycle will continue. May I suggest to the public: Do not believe those who only quote sources and can’t be bothered to pick up a phone, call the source in question and verify.

Honestly, why anybody would believe a person who doesn’t do research and can’t quote names, I personally don’t understand.

To reporters. It is perfectly fine to be a gossip reporter. Nothing wrong with it. It’s great fun. However, if you want to be a serious reporter, every single one of your sources can’t be ‘unnamed.’ Do real research and get verifiable sources. I am sure the public would appreciate it.

And to the public. No matter how much you like somebody, don’t trust a person who cannot give a source you can actually verify.

I am a reporter. My publication demands I research, pick up a phone and call people to verify and have receipts. We respect our readers and their intelligence. We know they will demand proof, as there is so much fake news out there. As they should.

Personally, I am a ‘Royal Reporter.’ I didn’t cover the Oscar presentation story of these two. Why? I picked up the phone and called the Academy. I saw the seating chart and presenters list which was released.

I knew the story was fake. I respect my readers and didn’t print it. I also went around telling people this was fake and got attacked.

Guess who was correct.


  1. Another great article that tells the truth!
    She’s right. Lady C and everybody quotes sources. Never gives a name. That way when she is wrong, you can’t get her.
    I don’t buy all sources are hidden.
    Why didn’t they verify if it is true?

  2. Omg thank you for having the courage to say what do many of us are thinking. The press have been complicit in their due diligence on these stories. Their PR machine is obviously not working for them.

  3. Finally, someone substantial has the courage to announce truth! Thank you!

    These revelations are facts that I (and many discerning others) have always known. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of these two.

  4. Everything. She. Says.Makes.Sense.
    The only way to stop these two is to stop parroting propaganda Sunshine Sachs puts out.
    Don’t trust anybody unless they say who their ‘sources’ are.
    Let’s see if she gets sued for TELLING THE TRUTH.
    Will Bouzy try to take her down?

  5. WISH they’s BOTH just GO AWAY…..they wanted privacy……let them go find privacy without any of these ‘reports’ weather true or not. SHE wants the spotlight and she will make it happen. CAN’T abide either of them.

  6. They stepped away from the limelight because they want to live a private life, but they are still out their peddling themselves. Meghan carries Harry’s ????⚾ in her purse. He needs to grow another pair.

  7. Wow. This was an amazingly hostile article. Could have been condensed into about three paragraphs by an editor.

    Stepping down from being a Royal isn’t the same as stepping down from being an actor into a solitary world.

    They are young and want to do something to help the world. In these days of terrifying climate change, war, and rising fascism, it’s good when wealthy people want to do good.

    I would never want to stand next to someone with this level of vitriol, and can’t imagine hiring them. This post is like a steaming bowl of bitterness. Bizarre.

    • I agree. Meghan was being trashed by the English press every day. It seemed like a sport. Meghan and Harry didn’t retire from the world, they ceased being royals living in England. Of course, they should be able to make a good living here. She was an actress with a good career and lots of friends in Hollywood. She did grow up in Los Angeles! Harry feared his wife, living a ‘ royal life’ in England- would end up dead like his mother did, hounded relentlessly by the press. I saw her as a woman who was constantly being bashed for everything from her clothing choices( no different from Kate’s in appropriateness) her family crazies( she can’t control them) false stories about her personality and racial slurs directed at her and her child. They are still a world known glamorous couple and should be able to market themselves and make as much money as they can. Not a crime or in bad taste.

    • You’re a cretinous Yank that buys into their PR BS. The American Z list actress only cares about $$$$$$ and fame. If you were dying on the street she would walk over you. Get your head out of your bum.

  8. I don’t think they meant “private” in the sense you assume. They just mean “as private citizens” rather than state figureheads and royalty. As provate citizens, they are able to be more selective about the engagements they pursue, can say “no” when they need a few days away, and can express opinions or support political movements without representing “the crown.”

    These options were not available to them as members of the royal family. They lived a life of extreme privilege, but had significantly less freedom. They decided the trade-off wasn’t worth it.

    That’s not the same as saying “we want complete privacy and have no interest in maintaining a public persona.”