Prince Harry And Toilet Deodorizer Promoter Meghan Markle Will Not Be Attending The Queen’s Jubilee


The press went into overtime recently with stories that Prince Harry and his wife, toilet deodorizer promoter Meghan Markle, would be presenting the best-picture award at the Oscars.

Of course, it never happened.

I previously wrote in an opinion piece (which can be read here,) that this story was laughable and they were never asked to present an Oscar. It was just a story planted by their PR team.

It did the trick. Those two got the PR they wanted. So-called experts and ‘Royal Reporters’ had a field day.

People were discussing whether or not they would show up all over social media.

People held their breath. Will they or will they not be there.

I found it odd that nobody actually picked up a phone (as I did) and ask will they be presenting. It was also strange that nobody took into consideration that maybe after the Academy released the seating plan as well as the presenter list, one could see that their names were not on it, and people still wondered if they would be presenting.

Logic doesn’t matter in 2022 I guess.

If one thinks logically, I never understood why the Academy would choose proven liars, who exploited veterans and 9/11 First Responders, Insulted the Constitution, interfered in the American Political system, filmed children for Netflix without parental permission, got kicked out of the UN for filming without permission, and set up her father.

It makes no sense that they would be considered for anything. Not to mention, they are hated and their popularity ratings are in the toilet.

It was amusing after the announcement was made to watch the backlash unleashed angrily by the public stating things like ‘How dare they attend an Oscar ceremony and not Prince Phillip’s memorial!

That planted story did not get the results Haz and his wife wanted. Nobody saw them as popular and that is why they were included in the Oscar ceremony.

The PR team then floated the story regarding how they were tapped to present an award two years ago. That fell flat also. Nobody cared and/or believed it.

A second story unleashed onto the world alleged the former royals were originally set to present the ‘Best Actress Award.’ However, that plan was scrapped and switched to ‘Best Picture’ because Kristen Stewart was nominated for ‘Spencer’ and that would be a conflict of interest.

Small problem with the story. Let’s look at it logically:

  • The producer of the Oprah Interview, Susan Zirinsky,  produced CBS’  48 Hour Investigation which screened images of Princess Diana as she lay dying. If Haz has no problems with this and/or continuing to work for Netflix despite the fact that they aired The Crown, or Diana The Musical, why would presenting an award be a conflict of interest? The couple had no issues with Spencer either.  It would be rating gold for Haz to present the award for Spencer if it should have won.  Of course, the Academy would want that.
  • Haz and his wife are considered more important than Lady Gaga (who was recently appeared in ‘House Of Gucci’ and should have been nominated), and living legend Liza Minelli so they should present the award for Best Picture. After all. The most important award of the night is Best Picture. You want the major star for that award, and it’s the last award. You want the BEST person to present that award.  People watch the entire show to wait for that award and to see who presents it.

While I have no proof of this, and I openly admit when things were not verified,  a reasonable assumption to any rational person, is that Liza Minelli was NEVER a ‘second choice’  to present Best Picture. I can also say the say thing about Lady Gaga.

Another reasonable assumption is that due to Liza’s medical issues, this could not be a last-minute switch due to the amount of special attention which would need to be put into place prior to the event to keep her comfortable and safe.

The question is. How could the Academy switch into the presenter slot for Best Picture at the last minute Haz and his wife (when it was decided it would be inappropriate for them to present the Best Actress award), when they already knew Lady Gaga and Liza would be presenting?

Let’s all pause and say that this presentation pulled at the heartstrings and bless Lady Gaga for treating Liza with the dignity and respect she deserves. These were the presenters that were always meant to be, as they should be.

Nobody could top this, and it will be remembered and replayed forever.

Based on the previous awards Haz and his wife presented, can you say that their presentations were memorable and would go down in history?

Yet, they would be chosen over Liza and Lady Gaga.



I bet Haz and his wife were THRILLED that the Chris Rock/Will Smith incident happened.

The news cycle didn’t care that they didn’t attend the event, and the PR team could just let the story fade away.

Notice. There was no mention that they didn’t attend and find out why.

Now, the press has switched gears and moved on to discussing are the Queen’s Jubilee!

Will the disgraced former royals attend? Will they not attend?

The question should be asked.  Why would they WANT to attend?  Things were so bad that

The baby shower in New York took place at the time when she claims she was ‘pregnant’ with a boy, experienced unproven ‘racism’, allegedly was being held captive, while suicidal, after she had her passport taken away and was unable to fly internationally, and was being abused by the press and UK citizens.

they had to flee the country due to all the abuse!  Let’s not forget that they

  • Experienced racism from the unnamed Royal (despite having all this ‘proof’ and promising to release it)
  • Held hostage
  • Had passport taken away
  • Tortured by the press
  • Was suicidal and had access to 24/7 medical care, a husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law who all received mental health support, an OBGYN who was monitoring her pregnancy, a mother who was a social worker, friends who threw her a baby shower in New York (with a pink theme) which she got to without a passport while being held hostage, and the person she went to (with no name to verify), wouldn’t help her
  • Was silenced
  • Genetic Pain
  • Father financially cut the millionaires off
  • Won’t give their son a title despite saying that tiles were not important and they wanted to be ‘normal’

Why would ANYBODY want to associate with their abusers, or bring their children into a dangerous situation? It makes no sense.

Honestly. Do people really care if these two attend this historic event?

Yes and no.

Sorry, Sunshine Sachs. The only reason why people care about whether on not those two attend is that nobody wants them there to ruin the Queen’s special day.

The public does not want this event to be filmed for Netflix. Nor do they want the Queen and Royal Family to be exploited.

I am old enough to remember a camera crew following them to a school to film children without parental permission, and bringing a camera crew to film (without permission) veterans and the United Nations.

I would love to see the necessary clearance Netflix received to film in the United Nations. Oh, that’s right. They didn’t obtain the clearance which is why they were asked to leave.

Anyway, will they attend? I am putting in writing my prediction is no. They will not attend the Queen’s Jubilee.

A disclaimer. I did not investigate. See how easy that is? When one does not investigate, one tells the public. I also did not consult with unnamed ‘sources.’

I am using my years of experience as an award-winning promoter and trailblazer in the field ( to provide my opinion regarding the reasons given why Haz won’t attend either with his family the event.


We just went through Haz suing for security.

As we know the security that the Queen receives, world leaders, and the rest of the Royal Family was not enough for the disgraced former royal. We saw how they were absolutely MOBBED in New York. They are in danger!

Come on. Does anybody really believe this one?

The PR company did a horrible job giving an excuse why they wouldn’t return to Phillip’s memorial. Security. We even a lawsuit regarding this nonsense.

Haz was at a Rodeo recently in Republican-run Texas which leads Chicago, NYC, and LA in homicides so far this year. Wasn’t he fearful for his life? I am glad that a local event had proper security. Maybe the local police should give the law enforcement in the UK in charge of protecting the Royals a call. Obviously, Haz thinks that the police in the murder capital of the United States can protect him better than in the UK.

I must have been cleaning the cat box and missed it. Did Haz have a problem with security for the Invictus Games? Is there a lawsuit, or does he only sue his grandmother?

Haz can’t possibly feel comfortable traveling to The Hague in the middle of a war. He absolutely would require extra security correct? But I digress.

Security is an excuse that can be used over and over and over again, and Sunshine Sachs had to think of some excuse why they would not be at the memorial.

They couldn’t tell the truth. The couple knows that they are not wanted. I am giving them credit (as I have no proof and this is an assumption) that they know this.

Heck. They have Bouzy out there doing damage control trying to make it look as if they are

more important than they really are.

Haz and his wife are so hated, that if they went, there would probably be protests. I know lots of people who will have the eggs and tomatoes ready. Haz and his wife know this. They can’t be so mentally ill that they are not aware.

Besides. How awkward would it be if they attend?

We won’t even mention that there is the possibility he was told NOT to come.

This will never be said publically by the Royals, and of course, Haz and his wife would never admit it.

It is well established, beyond a reasonable doubt, that William actually loves and adores his wife Catherine.

After the ‘Catherine made Harry’s wife cry’ (the reporter Camilla Tominey, stands by her story. Harry’s wife made Catherine cry. Let’s give Harry’s wife a break. We know that she suffers from ‘opportunistic dementia,’ and her recollection may vary.)

Also, do you think William will allow Harry’s wife anywhere near Catherine and his children?

Pigs would fly before that would happen. William actually loves and respects his grandmother too. He wouldn’t want to upset her in any way, shape, or form.

Due to these facts, it is quite possible William told Haz he is not welcome.

That’s where the security issue comes in handy.

If Haz could not attend Phillip’s memorial due to security issues… how could he possibly attend a Jubillee which will be a hundred times larger than the memorial?

Meghan Markle, who did not grow up privileged, riding a horse with her father who was abusive in San Bernardino National Forest. Horse leasing for the day costs approximately $50 an hour per person.

We won’t mention how he had no problems going to Diana’s statue unveiling. Maybe nobody will notice.

Everything makes sense correct? Haz’s life is in danger and needs more security than the Pope.

However, there is a small problem.   This event is going to be HUGE.  Realistically, security will be out IN FORCE to protect the VIPs and performers.

One can also assume that security for the event has been planned MONTHS in advance. Probably even before they announced the date.

I am an American, and can honestly say that the United Kingdom’s law enforcement from Scotland Yard to the local policeperson is top-notch.

I think we all can agree on that.

Haz has stated and sued because he thinks that he and his wife are so important and their lives are in so much danger that the security who are hired to protect the Queen, Royals, and world leaders aren’t good enough for them.

These brave men and women in law enforcement assigned to protect these individuals do

not know how to do their job. They aren’t qualified.

Haz and his wife need extra security. There needs to be a major collaboration with security in ANOTHER COUNTRY to ensure their safety.

I would like to apologize to the brave men and women in law enforcement. Just know. You are appreciated and we thank you for all that you do.

Will Haz be saying he wants to go to the Jubilee but he is worried about security? Will he be suing his grandmother again regarding security? Or is one lawsuit enough?

How can he be concerned about security for a memorial service and not a Jubilee which is bigger? Oh, the questions I have!

Just my opinion, it is not a good look to sue a 95-year-old woman in ill health, for extra security to attend her special day.

This is why there won’t be a lawsuit for security for the jubilee, even though, realistically, if security was important to him or a real reason, he would.

How can he have an issue with security for a memorial service and not a jubilee (Remember. Remain silent regarding Diana’s statue. People may forget.)

The Children

Prince Phillip’s memorial was beautiful. It was wonderful seeing all the family together supporting the Queen, Something that couldn’t be done at the funeral due to Coronavirus. This was the first time the family got to mourn together.

Catherine and William felt safe enough with security to bring their children to Prince Phillip’s memorial. It can be assumed that the future King Of England, Prince George, would be a target should anybody want to attack the Royal Family.  Yet, they felt safe enough to bring their children because they know the brave men and women in law enforcement can do their job and are properly protected.

Prince Louis did not attend because he is too young.  The Prince also did not attend Phillip’s funeral. I totally agree with this.  A 3-year-old is too young and it shows good parenting.

It would be hard to believe William and Catherine would put their children’s lives in danger because they felt security was lacking.

What will the reasoning be for Haz not to bring the children to one of the biggest and best celebrations ever? Doesn’t Haz and his wife want their children to be part of history?

I am sure Archie can miss a day of school.

I forgot. What is the name of the school he attends? Is it located near the church they attend? But I digress.

I am sure that the Queen would love to see the girl who she never saw despite Haz lying saying that she met her over Zoom.

There is no reason why the children could not go. One can’t use age as an excuse not to attend a party.

I do hate to say this, but the Queen probably will not be with us much longer.  Realistically, this could be the last opportunity the children will have to meet her.

One must think it may also be Haz’s last opportunity too. We know how much he loves his grandparents. He said he did.  He demonstrated his love and devotion by going ahead with the Oprah interview as Phillip lay dying.

Let’s not forget, that children could be so cruel. How would Archie explain to his classmates why his parents are not permitting him to be with his grandmother on her special day?

I am sure Archie’s schoolmates will be watching it on the television.  The entire world will be watching.

I hope Archie will not require the help of BetterUp after the bullying he may receive from his parent’s actions.  It’s a good thing Haz and his wife knows how important mental health is and are against bullying.

Will Archie think he did something wrong and his parents are punishing him by not permitting him to be with his grandmother and celebrate the festivities?

One more issue to think about.

There are many rumors surrounding the couple pertaining to surrogates, moon bumps, fake pregnancies, photoshopping, using other kids as stand-ins, etc.. we have all heard them.

In the past, any pictures that will be released of the children during the jubilee would be scrutinized.

Photos have been picked apart to show where it was photoshopped, a doll was used, or another person’s child.

Haz, his wife, and the PR team (if they are any good), know this.

If they do bring the children, the Body Language Guy, HG Tudor, and the public will have a field day pointing out discrepancies between past photos and the children who are presented to the public.

This will be a gift for people on Twitter and Instagram.

The lesser of two evils for one’s reputation would be to stay away. If they were my clients, that is what I would recommend.

Heck. Since lying is no issue, announce to the world that they are going. Press will pick it up. Run with it. People will be screaming that they didn’t want them, and polls will be made asking if they should attend.

Think of the publicity!  Unnamed sources will be quoted by ‘experts’ with their guesses.

Then… a day before the event announce that Haz tested positive for Covid (it doesn’t matter if it isn’t true,) and they had to cancel to isolate, and how heartbroken he is that he and his family can’t attend.

That’s what I would do if I was their promoter.

Harry’s Wife

We all know Haz is a puppet. ‘Stand by a window and juggle! I want to emasculate you!’ Harry’s wife said.

‘Yes, dear. Whatever Harry’s wife wants… Harry’s wife gets!’ Said Haz.

Harry’s wife knows that people want her in the UK as much as they want explosive diarrhea.

Even if Haz wanted to be with his family. Do you really think she would let him?

My opinion. Haz nailed the coffin shut when he decided to go to the Invictus Games instead of Phillip’s memorial.

Personally, nothing would keep me from a relative’s memorial who I loved.

Some of Meghan Markle’s large extended family during happier times.

Attending a memorial and supporting family members who I love, who were unable to mourn together due to Coronavirus, would be more important than attending a sporting charity event.

To me, family is first. They are important to me all the time and I want to be there for them in difficult times. Not just when I want more millions from my father.

But that is me, and everybody acts differently.

Harry and his wife don’t feel this way.

In conclusion, there is now way in Heck will Harry and his wife set foot in the U.K. for the Queen’s jubilee. I am sure everybody is happy.

Let’s see if I am correct…. and what excuse Sunshine Sachs will make. I still like my Coronavirus excuse, and give them permission to use it.


  1. I have never publicly commented on a written piece by anyone, but I had to tell you how very much I enjoyed your article. I am 70 years old and haven’t read the truth about anything in so long that your writing is a real gift! Thank you. Truly brilliant people with an honest to goodness sense of humor do exist!! Want more!!

      • Most people do know Barbara Sobel. Not personally of course. Odd that you don’t.
        Oh that’s right. Sugar’s don’t read.
        Barbara Sobel is a Pulitzer Prize nominated reporter, often on TV (never on Fox which is why Trump supporters don’t know her)
        Usually she covers Coronavirus and the war.
        Say you are a sheep like Cult follower of the Sugars without saying you are a Cult Like follower of The Sugars.
        Tell me Sugar. Do you know the pathological lying sociopath narcassist Meghan Markle personally? No? They why is a grown ass adult a Stan?

        • Agreed. It makes for joyously incongruous reading amidst a sea of sycophantic sh*te from all the hacks on Sunshine Sucks’ payroll.

          Fun game: Skim over all said puff pieces and just go straight to comments. The Harkles can bribe all the Jack Roystons in the world but they can NEVER silence a global public. The legitimate non-payroll comments are usually 99% in total disgust at the gruesome twosome. They are often hilarious. Their useless PR is money for old rope because it’s SO bad and clearly is never going to work.

          It’s genuinely refreshing to read an article that actually reflects public opinion from across the globe. We ain’t falling for any of their hypocrisy and BS.

    • Is what was said not factual? Is it wrong to tell the truth? Why do you feel it is wrong to tell the truth and give facts?
      You must be a Trump Supporter. Facts don’t matter.

        • Why not! There are so many similarities
          Both Megs and Trump interfered in American Politics
          Megs was a Yacht girl and appeared in porn, why Katie Johnson said she under oath that when she was 13, she was brought by Jeffrey Epstein to see Donald Trump where he RAPED HER MULTIPLE TIMES
          Both Megs and Trump lied to the court
          Both Megs and Trump suffer from ‘opportunistic dementia’
          Want me to go on?

      • Trump wished Harry good luck in his marriage to MM, saying that he’d need it. He doesn’t care for her.
        But you go on and be deranged and unhinged by your Trump hate. Trump supporters don’t care if you are.

        • Under oath, Katie Johnson said she when she was 13, Jeffrey Epstein brought her to see DONALD TRUMP who RAPED her multiple times.
          Donald Trump is a pedophille rapist.
          Trump supporters support a pedophille rapist. I don’t.

          • I think most of us agree on the points raised in this article. Trump isn’t part of that equation, it appears to be your obsession alone and no one else’s around here. I do concur with your view on the subjects of this article though. Maybe keep things on point?

        • Trump supporter says what?
          How do we know it’s factual? I believe my eyes. I am seeing logic and pictures to back up the story.
          Trump supporters don’t believe their eyes.
          Bless you heart.

      • You must be a Trump supporter racist!
        Racist says what?
        Wicca is a recognized religion, and how do you know the sexual habits of Barbara Sobel?
        Did you ask her out and were rejected? Bless your heart?
        I know. Trump supporter. You support priests molesting young boys. After all. You feel sex is a necessity.
        Since Trump raped 13 year old Katie Johnson and E. Jean Carroll and slept with Stormy Daniels, he has no problems raping somebody or paying somebody for sex.
        You support that. Why?

        • Lay off the loopy juice and stop obsessing over a one-time president who is not the subject of this article.

          • Both are similar.
            Meghan appeared in porn and was paid for sex.
            Trump cheated on his wife with Stormy Daniels
            Raped a 13-year-old multiple times, making DONANLD TRUMP a Pedophille Rapist.
            Broke the law and refused a subpoena ordering him to give DNA which would exonerate him for the RAPE of E.Jean Carroll
            Both lied to the courts
            Both sue the press for telling the truth
            The question is. Why are you supporting the actions of a pedophille rapist?
            Why aren’t you obsessing about letting the world know not only did he rape E.Jean Carroll, as he practically admitted by breaking the law so he doesn’t have to prove innocence, but he raped on MULTIPLE occasions a 13-Year-Old?
            DONALD TRUMP RAPED ON MULTIPLE TIMES 13-YEAR-OLD Katie Johnson as said UNDER OATH (California court case 5:16 cv-00797)
            OOPS. Don’t you hate it when the VICTIM has no problems testifying under oath, but the perpetrator does?

      • Spoken like every mature, reasoned, intellectual and not remotely unhinged Meghan Markle fan.

        Like really does attract like it seems.

      • Who said on her bio that she was white.
        The only racist is Haz. Let me refresh your memory
        wore a Nazi Uniform
        was condemned by the Prime Minister for being so racist while in uniform representing the country and Queen, he was condemned for his racist acts by the Prime Minister
        Said about his girlfriend Chelsey Davy ‘She’s not black or anything, you know’
        Said to Stephen K. Amos ‘You don’t sound like a black man’
        Be a DOLL and release all emails the yacht girl promised to release which would prove the racism. Her BFF Gayle King said that she would release it.
        I must have been taking a dump and missed it. Megs wouldn’t have LIED would she? She had to release it!
        I love how Sugars throw the racism card when the only proven racist is Haz
        Now run along and play in traffic

  2. This opinion piece is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. Seems like the writter wants to be relevant by attempting to spew as much hate as they can on popular topics after no one paid any attention to their secret online trolling of others.

    • Yet you took the time to read a 4000 word article and commented. Bless your heart.
      Say you are a sugar loser without saying you are a sugar loser.

    • I know right? I skipped around cuz the article was so boring but read enough to know that this person is just hateful. Lame.

      • Hey Kim. Do you usually ‘skip around’ on articles which are boring and then take the time and comment on it?
        Most adults skip by something they don’t like. They have busy lives and don’t waste their time
        You, on the other hand, spent time on a article that was so boring that you couldn’t read it and then took the time to comment.
        Say you are a loser without saying you are a loser

    • It helps if your own retort contains no spelling errors. Btw this published opinion piece, by definition, isn’t ‘secret’. It’s – literally – for public consumption. You must be on the payroll because no one in their right mind and with any semblance of critical thought process defends what must be the most reviled, devious, self-serving, lying, greedy, manipulative, sociopathic and entitled couple on the planet. No one of intelligence, anyway. This article hits the nail on the head and speaks to what millions think based on sound reasoning and judgement based on the Harkle’s own words and actions. To decent humans who respect familial bonds, they are abhorrent. If you must continue to parrot tedious accusations of ‘hate’ because you have, literally, nothing more substantive, intelligent or adult to throw at actual grown adults with educated opinions and lived experience, just know – it really isn’t an issue for us. We just don’t care a jot. The hackneyed ‘racist’ trope is another eye roller. Water off a considerable number of duck’s backs! No one of sane mind believes it. Only those who are paid to believe it by the worst PR company in the world! They really do ‘suck’ big time. Deal with it.

      • Bless your heart.
        How like a Trump supporter. Go after typos. Trump can’t spell. He actually sent out campaign propaganda with spelling mistakes. What a fucking loser right?
        Is what was saying not factual? Which is why you divert?
        Print receipts sweetie proving what was said was false.
        Will you be printing receipts before or after Meghan Markle releases the promised emails (which her BFF Gayle King verified) to prove racism.
        You don’t suffer from Opportunistic Dementia liked Megs do you? We await the receipts!
        Bless your heart sugar. Bless your heart.
        And you are correct. Sunshine Sachs is the worse PR firm in the world All they do is print lies… which are debunked faster than the lies in the Oprah interview!

    • Actually, a person who comments on a article that they don’t like should get a life. Most people would have passed by. NOT YOU!
      Bless your heart. Did I give you the attention you so desperately wanted?

      • Couldn’t agree more! It’s hysterical. The level of paid bots on here is just embarrassing. I’m convinced SS use unpaid interns from high school because the comments are nearly identical, contain no substance and suddenly appear en masse. They all read as though a toddler is shouting at a grown up. Cringe.

    • It’s full of facts. You just don’t know what one is, and are clearly paid not to know. Back to school ‘Sara’.

  3. The absolute lack of critical thinking or evidence in this piece is terrifying. How was this publishable? Like, you know Archie is younger than Louis right? And that American preschoolers absolutely do not care about the queen’s jubilee in England?

  4. Who the fuck wrote this bullshit? I bet he sucks plenty of cock and takes dick up his ass and sperm in his pussy

    • Tip for the emotionally and intellectually challenged one:

      ‘Barbara Sobel’ is a woman. As in biologically and, evidently, self-identifying as one.

      But I’m sure ‘she’ is fervent advocate of aforementioned leisure pursuits. I mean, who isn’t?

    • No. Only Meghan Markle sucks cock in porn (feel free to Google. Lady C verified it), and was a yacht girl.
      And the person who wrote it is named Barbara. Barbara is not a male name.
      Bless your heart. You can’t read!
      Your mother must be so proud she raised a loser who spends time commenting on articles he didn’t read!
      You must be a Trump supporter. They can’t read either!

    • Because sugars are generally Trump Supporters.
      Facts and truth don’t matter, even if they actually see it for themselves.
      They are also both Pathological, lying, sociopath narcissists.

  5. Out of all the things to write about, a so called grown woman wrote this article. Just say you hate this woman and move on. And the gremlins that agree, what a shame. Scary to think some of you reproduced.

    • The grown ass woman is a reporter who gets paid to write things.
      You read the article of the grown ass woman and commented on it.
      What does that say about you? Do you usually read and comment on things that you don’t like?
      Are you so lonely that you are screaming for attention.
      Baby. Sweetie. I’ll be your friend.
      Did you use Meghan Markle’s toilet deodorizer so your poop smells like flowers?

    • Wow! You know Barbara Sobel personally? I mean, I read her stuff all the time, but I don’t know her.
      Tell me. What does she look like? Is she nice?
      Saying she is tacky implies you know her.
      Only a psychotic individual would say a stranger is tacky.
      I assume you aren’t mentally ill. What is Barbara Sobel like?

  6. Excellent piece! Harry looks like a whipped pup almost every time they’re photographed together. One day he’ll “snap out of it” and be a lonely man. William could be of the forgiving nature but not sure I could. God bless the Queen.

  7. I’m echoing Debbie’s sentiment. It was so refreshing to see the TRUTH laid out there. You want to talk ridiculous? When Meghan closed The Tig I cried. To me that was proof an engagement was forthcoming. And people – moms – of a certain age remember just kind of tucking William and Harry into their heart after the death of their mother. It made me so sad to know Harry was going to cement a relationship with a narcissistic, manipulative, status seeking, gold digger. I thought at worst she’d be incredibly difficult for the monarchy (which IS separate from the family) to handle and she would leave Harry broken-hearted. Breaking up the family, casting slurs on the U.K.,lying about the personality of people in the family, refusing to let the Queen see her namesake, and most recently giving the people of Jamaica ammunition to throw back at the monarchy was waaaay more than I expected. That girl has done a LOT of damage. And what’s even sadder is she’s not through yet.

    • So tell me.
      Do you usually read a thousand word article and then comment on it?
      Most people will ignore it and move on because they have lives.
      You didn’t
      Why is that?

  8. Wow
    You are really filled with hate towards Harry and Meghan. Get a life. Your article is filled with half truths and just as much gossip you talk about. Lol.

  9. Good lord. Go back to school. Particularly English and writing. Yours is atrocious. I didn’t get past the second paragraph because it sounded like a petulant 13 brat was writing it. Super easy to scroll to the comments and see I’m not the only one who recognizes crap writing for what it is…crap.

    • Darling these tropes and attacks are terribly tedious. We all know when Sunshine Sucks sends the minions to swoop in and parrot the same points. Attacking the writer in such a generic way, without addressing the actual points and refuting them with proof is akin to what’s known as “straw man’ argument. Very lazy. Also, as with all the other rather amusingly grandiose ‘sub-editors’ making similar comments, it helps if your own critique doesn’t read as though someone with the educational and emotional ability of a ’13 brat’ didn’t write it. Back to school for you Kel my dear.

    • Bless your heart.
      You say you didn’t read the article. Couldn’t get past the second paragraph, yet comment on it.
      Say you are a loser and the reason why abortion needs to remain legal without saying you are a loser and are the reason abortion needs to be legal.

  10. This article is just full of venom abs hatred! It is all about the writer’s opinion, full of typos, and very poorly written! Get a life! Once you your bitterness will go away!

    • What does ‘venom abs hatred’ mean? Is that millennial text speak? How about ‘Once you your bitterness will go away’? We were all under the impression you are a highly educated scholar, given your self-appointed status as sub-editor. The evidence points very much to the contrary.

      Asking for a friend.

  11. I don’t even know I ended up here, but I kept reading to see how crazy and hateful it would get. I don’t know these people so I don’t care about them one way or the other. The writer seems to care entirely too much. Get help ma’am. Or a productive hobby of some sort because this is not it. Yikes.

    • Let me jog your memory. Sunshine Sachs offered you a Happy Meal and a day off school in lieu of pretending not to care about random articles on ex-royal grifters so much that you felt the need to tell the world about it in the comments.


    • To all paid Sunshine Sucks operatives and Bot farmers. Let me save you the energy of having to parrot the same old tropes:

      “Everyone who can see through the Harkles’ BS, you haven’t reached educated, adult, empirically derived opinions. Nooooooooo, you are just Haterrrrrrrrz and Rayyyyyciiiiiissssssstssss. Find something better to do, like making incongruously favourable comments on any negative (truthful) article on the Montesh*tshow grifters, in return for Happy Meals and candy bars.”

      That about sums it up methinks!

    • Please elaborate on how this piece could be construed as ‘racist’. It has never made any sense, given Harry is white and Rachel is essentially white in appearance, self-identifies as such (to such a degree that it’s on her -passport) and has never dated or married people of colour and has totally shunned the African American side of her family. Yet this journalist, who has detailed many facts and points, is accused of racism? I’m genuinely curious as to how and why you have come to this conclusion. The bots throw it around, but never ever qualify how they have come to believe it. We’re all waiting. Black, white and every shade in between. We’d really like an insight into your rationale.


      Can you explain all the genuine things you love about ‘her’ (assuming you mean Rachel?). Again, ad hominem insults are thrown around by the bots but I’ve yet to read a genuine account in her defence. One that actually addresses the widespread negative observations and opinions about her?

      How do you explain away her many outspoken black critics?

  12. Isn’t it odd that this is the 4th Article written by this particular author, and she hasn’t been sued?

    Why is that? Megs and Haz sue EVERYBODY! Haz sues his own grandmother!

    But this writer hasn’t been sued. FASCINATING. Could it be because she is telling THE TRUTH?

  13. I am fully invested in this article. For the very first time I read something regarding these two clowns that is transparent and without “poor them”.


  14. You people need to get your life… I doubt Harry or Megan gives a flying F&&&k about what you think or perceive what is true.

    • Oh but they do. They really, REALLY do and it burns them up inside to such a degree that they have to constantly deploy pay-to-play bot farms and flying monkeys to write incongruously positive comments on these articles and social media posts. These articles are few because these hacks are not on Rachel’s extensive PR bribe roll, but they accurately reflect what the wider public actually think. Sussex Stans like you have an agenda, paid usually, and we know Rachel pays you in Happy Meals and crayons. Thankfully, you are in a tiny, deluded minority of folk. If Hazmat and his missus didn’t care, they wouldn’t need to spend vast sums of $$$ on terrible PR and nurturing such an awful, ghetto fanbase. Her painfully immature and under-educated Squad are truly awful. The funny thing? She wouldn’t spit on any of them if they were on fire! She has nothing but contempt for any of them – she certainly would never cultivate friendships with any of these (mostly) women, they are way beneath her in her mind, but she needs useful idiots to do her bidding. Just like Hawwy.

  15. The jealousy was palpable in this article and the disrespect was off the charts. Hating Meghan and Harry doesn’t lift you up dear, just fyi.

    Whoever wrote this gutter trash should be ashamed of this. I have 2nd hand embarrassment for whoever thought publishing this was a good idea.

    Please do better.

    • Curious – why do you bots parrot the same tropes? Haterrrrrz, waaaaaycists. I mean, it’s just verbatim the same excruciatingly immature attempts at trying to discredit. Take a look for yourself at your ‘colleague’s’ comments. Generic, uncouth, ad hominem and childish. Nothing of subtance or intelligence.

      You paid operatives parrot almost identical vague, generic sentiments but never, EVER respond to the points raised or provide a detailed explanation of how you came to interpret a journalistic opinion piece as ‘jealousy’.

      You do realise you come across as incredible young, incredibly immature and not very articulate with nothing remotely genuine or substantive to say as a critique? Why do you people repeat, ad inifinitum, this toe-curling mantra of calling grown-ups ‘haters’. It’s genuinely baffling because it’s so funny and not remotely offensive. Literally, it’s what middle school kids say to each other.

      Grown ups don’t give a stuff being called ‘haters’ or the other ridiculous trope beloved by Rachel’s ghetto army: ‘racists’. You’ve all been outed as bots and part of a well organised and highly co-ordinated hate group, hired to undermine any constructive criticism over people who are solely where they are in life because of British taxpayers. We have a right to pour over every minute detail.

      Do you REALLY think this school yard silliness is going to make an impression? “Whoever wrote this gutter trash”. Seriously?? It’s there in black and white sweetie. Her byline is literally at the top of the page, and she even reiterated who she is in the main body of the copy. It’s Barbara Sobel. That wasn’t hard to ascertain.

      I’m ‘second hand’ embarrassed for YOU silly girly. Just stop with these ridiculous co-ordinated attacks (talking to you and all your nasty low life Sussex ‘Squaddies’ on Sunshine Sucks’ payroll. The wheels are coming off Harry and Rachel’s nasty little campaign. They’ve upset too many people. The players are being unmasked and what may have worked for a year or so, just isn’t working. The public will NEVER relent and Rachel will have to accept SHE is the only person co-ordinating a motley crew of idiots to do silence conscientious objectors and UK taxpayers. It isn’t working and will only get worse, and louder.

  16. Shame! Why are you writing about gossip? ! You are above this!? The British people ousted them. Move on. To my understanding, British people don’t consider them Royals or British. Why beat a dead horse?

    • Because they still owe British taxpayers £30 million for the ‘spectacle’ of a wedding she apparently never wanted. Not to mention the millions funnelled to them via Prince Charles who enjoys his vast wealth largely thanks to UK taxpayers. And because the ghastly pair of scum are suing the British government – again, at VAST expense to UK taxpayers – so they can acquire IPP status meaning taxpayers in any country they visit will or reside in will be stumping up for their security. They are pond scum with the most extraordinary web of subterfuge regarding their financial dealings. They skim almost all of Archwell’s donations for themselves and hide it all behind a completely opaque network of shell companies and trusts. To use Rachel’s own description of herself: They are such FRAUDS.

      • And just in case it isn’t clear enough. International Protected Person status (IPP) means that means AMERICAN taxpayers will be stumping up for their eye-watering ‘securiddy’ costs as they live full time over there in the land of guns and mass shootings. Yet he pretends that he doesn’t feel safe in virtually gun-free Blighty. What a tool.

        Hint: it ain’t cheap.

        They have NO RIGHT to this perk and status. He’s sixth in line and just not that important and as you say, is no longer a working royal anyway. He’s a CHIMPO for a crappy tech start-up and a budding ‘author’ (LOL). Yet he THINKS he’s more important than senior royals and is using this to sue the UK government when he already has a world class security firm protecting him.

        Any time he is back in the UK to attend an official royal event, boom, he gets protection. He literally has NO legitimate reason other than he wants someone else – namely taxpayers – to fund his lifestyle.

        Think about that.


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