Google Assistant Will Be on One Billion Devices Soon


People from around the world gather at CES each year to discuss the latest innovations prior to them being released to the general public.

Google Assistant was released in 2016 to compete with Alexa, made by Amazon. When first released, Google Assistant was found on Google’s Pixel phone and home smart speakers.

At CES on Monday, Google reported that the Assistant will be located this month on 1 billion electronic devices. This is an increase of 400 million devices since last year. The devices will include: phones, headphones, smart displays, and more.

Right now, Sony, Panasonic, LG, JBL, and others carry the Assistant. Google Home hub and third-parties, such as LG, JBL, and Lenovo, offer smart displays. LG and Sony offer televisions which include Android TV. They have built into it the Assistant. Chrome OS devices have access to the Assistant and soon it will be the standard feature on all Chrome OS related devices.

The biggest contributor to the 1 billion devices is the Android phone. It is free to download the Assistant app and it comes built into the Android as the main app of Google. This application is part of the “Google Play” app bundle from Android, which is on every phone that is sold apart from China. Amazon does not have control of the mobile phone market the way that Google has.

Assistant devices are available in more than 80 countries and 30 different languages. This is an increase since 2018 of 14 different countries and eight languages.

2018 has also shown advancements and upgrades in the Google smart home devices. Several features being added to the Assistant such as touch controls placed on smart displays and on the app.

The major announcement comes as the rivalry between them and the company increases. Amazon reported last week that 100 million devices which are compatible with Alexa have been sold.

Google’s statement of one billion devices does not mention that the number includes Android phones which comes with Assistant installed by default.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has stated numerous times that the company thinks artificial intelligence is the way of the future, and Google was looking to expand on it. Growing the Assistant brand is a major part of the company’s future, especially since people do not use search engines as much as they once had on their desktop computers.

According to the research agency, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Google still lags behind Amazon when it comes to smart speakers. Amazon Echo dominates the world market, holding 73 percent of the smart speaker market. Google comes in second place at 24 percent.

At CES, the company has been heavily promoting the Assistant. The company has pasted the Assistant’s trigger phrase, “Hey Google,” on the entrance on the Las Vegas Convention Center where the event is taking place and also on the monorail for the city.

Google plans on releasing to the public, in February, their plans for what features they will include on their phones.