Elise Stefanik Is Using Franking Privileges To Campaign For Herself And Donald Trump


Elise Stefanik is using franking privileges to campaign for herself and Donald Trump.

Franking privilege allows members of Congress and their staff to send mail without having to pay postage — that is, at taxpayer expense. Her recent mailing holds China responsible for the deaths of close to 180,000 United States residents.

The intent of tax-paid mailings by legislators is to show what they have accomplished for their constituents and the American people. Instead, this mailing attempts to deter judgment on a president who has displayed gross incompetence in response to a national crisis.

Trump continues to hold rallies for largely mask-less attendees, followed by steep rises in COVID-19 at rally locations. On June 20, Elise Stefanik accompanied President Trump to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Information from multiple news sources reported that in advance of the rally, campaign staff removed social distancing stickers from the seats.

On July 9 the director of the Tulsa Health Department reported 500 new cases of coronavirus in a two-day period. In the same time period, Herman Cain, former Republican presidential candidate who had attended the rally, was hospitalized with coronavirus and eventually died on July 31. While the majority of attendees at Trump’s rallies do not wear masks, the multiple rallies for racial justice in Stefanik’s own NY-21 had nearly every attendee wearing masks.

Where was Stefanik at the Black Lives Matter rallies throughout the district, in Canton, Glens Falls, Keene, Lake Placid, Malone, Ogdensburg, Plattsburgh, Saranac Lake, Saratoga Springs, Tupper Lake, Watertown? To my knowledge, no cases of coronavirus were reported following attendance at these events.

We deserve a representative in Congress who has a track record of serving North Country residents in health, issues of equality and justice.


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