Texas Transgender ‘Child Abuse’ Policy Can Go Back Into Effect, State Supreme Court Rules


Texas’ policy directing state officials to investigate parents of transgender children for “child abuse” will go back into effect, as the Texas Supreme Court on Friday lifted a lower court’s order that blocked the controversial policy statewide as the lawsuit moves forward.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled a lower appeals court didn’t have the authority to block the policy from being enforced statewide, and said the court shouldn’t have ruled against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in the case because he hasn’t been taking any action to enforce the policy himself.

The court did let an injunction remain in place when it comes to the family that filed the lawsuit, meaning they’re shielded from state investigation but no other parents of transgender children in the state are.

Abbott had directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) in February to investigate parents of children who have received gender-affirming care for child abuse, which could result in consequences like parents being put on a state child abuse registry or losing their jobs.

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