Missouri High School Names Transgender Homecoming Queen, Causing Debate


Social media ignited a debate Tuesday over a Missouri high school’s inauguration of a new homecoming queen.

Oak Park High School in Kansas City recently named transgender student Tristan Young as its homecoming queen. Young reportedly bested four biologically female students also vying for the title.

It is reportedly the second time the school has named a transgender student as its homecoming queen since 2015.

Several users of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, criticized Young’s inauguration, including prominent women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines.

“So stunning & brave,” Gaines mocked. “Another reminder to all girls that men make the best women. I wonder if a female will win homecoming king or if it’s understood that both of these spots are reserved for males. Who’s to blame here?”

Other X users accused Oak Park High School of trying to pander to a target audience.

“The fact that @NKCSchools immediately locked down comments is telling,” one user said. “They know this is nonsense pandering to the mentally ill. And they want everyone to play along.”

Some users came to Young’s defense, stating that the student did nothing to deserve such criticism.

“Oak Park High School was my Alma Mater. Tristan Young was my friend,” a school graduate said. “I can tell you from experience that a narrative didn’t indoctrinate Tristan Young. She was the nicest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of performing with.”

“I want to pause and congratulate Tristan for being crowned Oak Park High School’s Homecoming Queen!” LGBTQ Commission of Kansas City Chair Justice Horn said. “I uplift this against the transphobic comments against this young person who was named queen by their peers. I’m thankful the next generation of Kansas City is so kind.”