Jayadev’s Mantra Crew Says Hare Krishna With Their New Dance Music Song ‘Ganesh’ [Video]


72-year-old John Richardson is the founder and drummer of the 1970s pop group The Rubettes. The band had multiple top ten hits including the worldwide chart-topper “Sugar Baby Love.”

Richardson continues to perform to this day with the group John Richardson, Mick Clarke, and Steve Etherington of the Rubettes, and the band signed to Sobel Nation Records. The band’s first single “Let The Music In” was released on Feb. 15, 2019. Within a week, opened on the North American Dance Chart at number 17.

Richardson continues to record and write music under his Hare Krishna name Jayadev. In 2018 a charity record was released to help victims of the California Camp Fire. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the EP went to the Humane Society of Ventura County, an organization that helped rescue and evacuate animals who were victims of the fire. “Sobel Promotions Presents Tears Aren’t Enough” featured music from not only Jayadev but also StoneBridge, Tight Fit, Steve Etherington, East 17, Amber Dirks, Soraya Vivian, Brian Kent, Boy George, and Nicki French.

Sobel Nation Records released the record, and also released solo singles from Steve Etherington and released the first single by the new Rubettes. The label was so impressed after hearing “Ganesh” they wanted to sign it to their label.

Jayadev said “Ganesh” came to light when his almost 13-year-old granddaughter was asked what she wanted for her birthday. Shyama said all she wanted was her grandfather to write her a song and she would perform on it.

Being a devotee in the Hare Krishna movement for 35 years, Jayadev agreed. Being inspired by his connections to India, he wrote “Ganesh” Jayadev says the song places the deity Ganesh in his hierarchical position according to Vedic scriptures as demonstrated by the rap in the song:

 “Ganesh can dance, Ganesh can drum,  he’s mighty strong, ‘cos he’s Shiva’s son. With his tusk, he removes the tree that blocks the way to eternity.  He might seem strange, he might seem odd, but he clears the way so you can see God.”

Before deciding to sign with Sobel Promotions and Sobel Nation Records, Jayadev discussed with the CEO, Barbara Sobel. He had certain conditions before joining. It was imperative that the song’s message would not be changed and he would be able to continue practicing his beliefs.  The terms were agreed upon, and Jayadev decided to release the single on the label.

Jayadev hopes “Ganesh” will bring the Holy Names of Krishna to a new audience. The song features a chart-topping remix team: Spin Sista, Victor Lowdown, Thee Werq’n B!Tches, Larry Peace, Steve Etherington, Donny, and OK James.


Sobel Promotions/Sobel Nation Records

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