Saturday, April 1, 2023
Gaz Price - singer, songwriter from Hartlepool

A Changing World Sees Artist Like Gaz Price Beginning To Make An Impact

2020 saw a new decade of hope, turn into what many are calling a decade of confusion and uncertainty.  The Covid-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd and subsequent backlash around the world means that no one knows what the future holds anymore.  No one even really knows where the human race is going at the moment. Music and entertainment have always been important in documenting chaotic times like these as well as helping people get through them.  The lavish musicals that we loved today were crucial in helping people get through the great depression.  Music, art, film all reflect the mood of people at any given time.  Artist like 'Hartlepools own' Gaz Price have found their stock rising and attention turning towards them as people begin to look elsewhere for inspiration.

Jayadev’s Mantra Crew Says Hare Krishna With Their New Dance Music Song ‘Ganesh’ [Video]

72-year-old John Richardson is the founder and drummer of the 1970s pop group The Rubettes. The band had multiple top ten hits including the...

Kerry Elliman From Birmingham Greyhound Protection Wins Big At Inspiration Awards

It was little surprise to many at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards at the ICC when Kerry Elliman won most charitable business along with three other awards. Kerry Elliman is well known throughout Birmingham for her tireless work at Greyhound Protection. We share the full story behind Kerry and all the other news concerning the Birmingham Inspiration Awards and Top UK Model finals.

A New Film By Flaminia Graziadei Featuring Ayi Jihu Tackles Child Abuse Head On

The latest work from award-winning director Flaminia Graziadei is a daunting film that tackles the subject of child abuse. The film also features Chinese star Ayi Jihu in her first film. Ayi Jihu happens to be Global Ambassador for Sisha an organization at the forefront of combating Human Trafficking and exploitation and the abuse of children.

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Chinese star Leslie Loh takes her brand of Philanthropy to The Philippines

Leslie Loh Globe Trotting Chinese Star Taking Philanthropy To A New Level Arrives in...

In a world where Narcissism has almost become the standard way of being and many charitable and philanthropic endeavours have become no more than virtue signalling or conscience relief people like Leslie Loh truly stand out for not just giving but for giving almost everything they have to others.  Chinese star Leslie Loh has practically given her life up to helping others. Now, as she tours the favelas of Brazil looking to expand her work and foundation in partnership with the FEELn festival, we take a closer look at what makes  Leslie Loh so unique when it comes to helping others.

Trump’s Primary Defense Attorney Set To Testify Before Grand Jury In Mar-a-Lago Classified Documents...

Donald Trump’s primary defense attorney is expected to testify Friday to a federal grand jury, answering questions in the documents prove that the former...

Complete List Of 26 Republicans Who Refused To Denounce White Supremacy

Over two dozen Republicans on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee refused to join their Democratic counterparts in signing a letter denouncing white supremacy...
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