A Changing World Sees Artist Like Gaz Price Beginning To Make An Impact

Gaz Price an artist from Hartlepool, UK embodies a new feeling for feel-good but real music that is making an impact with people all around the world.

Gaz Price - singer, songwriter from Hartlepool

2020 saw a new decade of hope, turn into what many are calling a decade of confusion and uncertainty.  The Covid-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd and subsequent backlash around the world means that no one knows what the future holds anymore.  No one even really knows where the human race is going at the moment. Music and entertainment have always been important in documenting chaotic times like these as well as helping people get through them.  The lavish musicals that we love today were crucial in helping people get through the great depression in the late 1920’s.  Music, art, film all reflect the mood of people at any given time.  Artist like ‘Hartlepools own’ Gaz Price have found their stock rising and attention turning towards them as people begin to look elsewhere for inspiration.

Gaz Price - singer, songwriter from Hartlepool

GAZ, A.k.a Hartlepool’s Gaz Price is a 26-year-old brutally honest singer-songwriter that is passionate about the town he was brought up in; the passion that shines through Hartlepool, and their dedication to music, is what inspires Gareth in his songwriting.

Writing hard-hearted songs about life, his upbringing and his surroundings, Gareth has been a large part of the open mic scene in Hartlepool for years, fine-tuning his craft and honing his skills while growing his fanbase and fame locally, with the release of his new single, ‘Years From Now’, he was determined to branch out right across the North East as Gaz Price has dreams of international success, but knows he must take it one step at a time.

So at a time when people are perhaps shying away from artists that have promoted an illusion of fame, success and a lifestyle that centred around ‘ME’.  At a time when the world is looking for credible voices, real people and trying to find its future artists like Gaz Price have found their stock rising.

Gaz Price is now working on his new album and you can experience his music at www.GazPrice.com. You can also watch a recent interview with Gaz Price in Hartlepool on Shlepp TV.

Only history will show us how music will reflect these turbulent times.  Gaz Price we feel may well be a major part of that story if he continues on the path that he is now on.