Jane Maria, Toyin Adekale and Tubsy on City Gala Oscar event red carpet

International stars Jane Maria, Toyin Adekale and Tubsy shone at the City Gala Oscar event in LA on the 24th of February 2019.  The City Gala is an exclusive event run in conjunction with the Oscars that raises significant sums for charity and draws stars and celebrities from all over the world.

Chines opera star Jane Maria flew in to perform at the City Gala party event along with Toyin Adekale and Tubsy.  The single produced by Stevie Eagle E is a take on Chinese favorite Jasmine.  The song fuses  Reggae and Opera and features all three artists.

Legendary reggae singer and songwriter Toyin Adekale told us.

Jasmine [Let it shine] is about love, respect and dignity for me it is also about tolerance and our aim with this track is to spread that vibe as far as we can.  It is also about fusion and culture.  There are many elements in this track, a coming together of musical cultures and styles and they work.  For me, music always leads the way and this song shows that we can all work and harmonize together on our planet.

Chinese Opera Star Jane Maria perform live at City Gala Party event

Chinese master singer Jane Maria told us.

Chinese culture is often misunderstood and I want to help spread Chinese culture throughout the world using music.  Jasmine is perhaps the most popular song in China this production wonderfully done by Stevie Eagle E opens it up once again to the world.  I hope it will help people learn more or seek to learn more about China it’s people and culture.

Tubsy Dholki Walla the man credited with making Bhangra Global told us.

Playing and being involved with Jasmine and also working with these fine artists was an honor and a pleasure.  My goal with my music is to bring people together and to spread the sound and vibe of Bhangra and India to the world.  I am always seeking the right collaborations, musical and visual projects to help me do this and Jasmine is a perfect tool to help me continue with my mission.

Jasmine produced by Stevie Eagle E for Shlepp Entertainment Ltd is available online.  We spoke to producer Stevie Eagle E about the song and he told us it was far from being completed.

Jasmine started in France and has traveled the globe.  It features a Chinese opera singer, A legendary Reggae star from Africa and a Bhangra Legend,  That’s a huge amount of people and cultures we are representing. it will continue as I am going to Brazil to record some amazing musicians and put their vibe and feel into the song on a different mix of the track.

The story of Jasmine [Let it shine] seems destined to continue.  The original song is available on Spotify and most major online stores. You can learn more and watch the video at www.Jasminemovement.com or at www.JaneMaria.com

Pictures by Santoshi Pahdiar courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment ltd.