Watch: Fox News Host Harris Faulkner Cuts Off Guest After She Says ‘I Don’t Think You Can Ignore The January 6 Hearings’


During a segment on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus this Friday, host Harris Faulkner discussed the attack on GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin, who attacked a man carrying a sharp weapon during a campaign event in New York this Wednesday.

She connected the incident to the recent arrest of a protester who allegedly planned violence against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Faulkner, who pointed out that it’s not yet known if the attack on Zeldin was political, accused President Joe Biden of refusing to comment on violence carried out by left-wing groups, saying his silence sends “a chill through the system.”

That’s when guest Laura Fink spoke up, saying that the Jan. 6 hearings have been addressing political violence on a massive scale, saying that she agrees that violence and attacks on public figures should be condemned.

“I think you also have to have protests; I mean, that’s the complication,” Fink, who founded Rebelle Communications, said that the likelihood of certain protesters committing violence is part of the “tension we have in our democracy right now.”

“That will be true from now until doomsday,” Fink continued. “But I don’t think you can ignore the January 6 hearings last night in the context of this conversation because it’s incredibly important…”

That’s when Faulkner interjected, saying that she brought up Biden’s name in the discussion because when it comes to addressing the violence, “he’s not doing it.”

On Friday, Biden released a statement that condemned the attack on Zeldin “in the strongest terms.”

“As I’ve said before, violence has no place in our society or politics,” Biden said. “I am especially grateful for the courage of those who immediately intervened and that he was unharmed and could continue his speech. I also want to thank the law enforcement officers who quickly took action and investigate this attack that defies our fundamental democratic values.”