Texas GOP Rep Tony Gonzalez: Uvalde Gunman Was Arrested After Telling People He Planned To ‘Shoot Up A School Once He’s A Senior In 2022’


Texas Republican Tony Gonzalez has said Salvador Ramos, the gunman in the Uvalde shooting, was arrested four years ago as a minor after telling people he planned to shoot up a school once he turned 18.

Gonzalez made the claims on FOX News on Friday morning.

‘This wasn’t hearsay. I got this late last night: ‘The shooter was arrested years ago, four years ago, for having this plan for basically saying, for saying, you know, when I’m a senior in 2022, I am going to shoot up a school.’

‘Something fell between the cracks between then and now to allow this to happen. We need to shake out all the facts.

‘We need to figure out what happened. Where the holes and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

‘But if law enforcement, you know, identified him four years ago as a threat, we need to figure out why he wasn’t – you know, how he got removed from that,’ he said.

Gonzales later added: ‘I’m under the impression that him and another person were having a conversation, plotting things out.

‘The police looked into it and arrested him. He went to juvenile, from what I can gather, he went to a correctional facility.’

At his press briefing on Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott admitted that police did not yet know whether Ramos had a juvenile record.

The teenager legally purchased the two guns he used in Tuesday’s attack within days of turning 18 last week.