Some Things Are More Than Just Being About Money – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Will Smith And Chris Rock At The Oscars

In a world where many do everything for money or fame something was done for honour and even if you don't agree with it, you need to respect it.

some things are more than just about money - Will Smith and Chris Rock
Will Smith and Chris Rock?
The feeling I had was mixed. Here’s why. I respect them both deeply. Will Smith has changed and grown over the years, he is becoming a better man in many ways and he is still in that transition. I don’t know Chris Rock so well, but from what I’ve heard he is generally a cool guy.
Of course, both of them were wrong but Will was also correct in my opinion. I think it might have been better to walk away for a moment. Considering all that he has gone through with his wife and how they have both fought so hard to even be together, I understand he felt he had no choice but to show her “I’m here for you.” This was a man standing up for his wife who went overboard.
Christopher Rock is not Ricky Gervais, and he does not have the demeanour or skills to pull off that kind of joke, but he was carrying the heavy weight of a falling empire during the Oscars, and that weight caused him to cross the line and insult a woman with a joke. The wrong thing to do. Especially when she lost her hair because of illness. You could see that she was hurt, disappointed, and upset.
Will should have and could have spoken to him after, even publicly, which would have been better, but I respect Will despite all his faults because like me he always shoots from the hip and the heart in everything he does. No matter what you think about him, Will Smith is a real guy. There are no lies or bullshit, double talk or ulterior motives. That will always get you into trouble in this world and especially in Hollywood but, he does not play the game.
Where I’m delighted is in the fact that Chris Rock ‘took it LIKE A MAN’. If that were others by now it would be in the courts and that person would also be in hospital claiming a fractured jaw and mental trauma. Imagine if Will Smith hit Jussie Smollett or his like or most white folk in Hollywood. This would be ballistic news for the right and wrong reasons and become a huge woke race, issue that would lose the real deal of what this was about, a man protecting his wife. What we saw were two black men losing it and regaining it and handling it without the white man’s influence or interference (so far).  For those that think it was fake I would tell you, you don’t know black people and emotions, THIS WAS REAL!  I bet or hope behind the scenes they will sort it out and both apologize without legal or more public rubbish.
Black men/women are being used by the system especially black stars to push their woke agenda and other twisted ideologies and this is causing great pressure on us on both sides. The woke and the ”unwoke’ (Or as I like to call them, ‘The normal’). All we truly need is the real truth but neither side wants this, Often it’s just about pushing your ideology. I saw these pressures play out in all of this but, in the end, I saw ‘the real’. Two brothers who are not perfect, but keeping it real.
I would have done what Will Smith did but I would have regretted it as I mostly do when I respond in Anger.
Let’s celebrate these two real black men and forgive them for being a little too real in a world of fake, lies, misdirection and political correctness.  This was not about money, it was about more than that, it was about honour.