Sobel Promotions Presents The Coronavirus Series Featuring Steve Etherington


Coronavirus has changed the music business due to lockdowns and social distancing. Global News Ink will be interviewing artists from the award-winning dance music promotions company Sobel Promotions ( to learn how the music business is being altered by the global pandemic.

#1 Charting Artist Steve Etherington (The Rubettes ft. John, Mick, & Steve, Symphonic Ibiza) gives his thoughts.

What was the last thing you did musically prior to Coronavirus lockdown?

My last musical task prior to the lockdown was: performing with Symphonic Ibiza with Sonique at Butlins Minehead, then Directing a tech and dress rehearsal for an Abba stage show.

What do you see has happened to the music business since social distancing and lockdown?

My perception of the business since the lockdown is: Us creatives must not take for granted the people that do ‘real essential work.’ Without them and their diligent work, the rest of us fall to pieces very quickly.

What are you doing musically now?

Right now I am preparing to recommence: teaching casts of stage shows, vocal coaching, writing, and recording new songs for myself and the ‘Rubes’ & other bands that I play with and of course, new arrangements for my own Symphonic Ibiza/Electric Symphony and Soul Symphony. The shows and festivals will happen in the future and I want to be in top form.

I also recorded a new solo song, which has been accepted by the label who is in the process of getting remixes for it. I am also working on new material with John Richardson for the Rubettes ft. John, Mick, & Steve so it will be ready when we can all get together to record.

We were told things will never go back to the way they were prior to Coronavirus until we discover a vaccine. If social distancing remains, what do you think the future of the music business would look like?

I do not see social distancing becoming ‘the norm’ forever. However, hygiene awareness and social distancing will be heightened from now on.

Humans are by nature social creatures but, we must follow the rules until it is safe to revert back to normal.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and artists on how to remain relevant and keep their names out there during lockdown?

Personally I would advise any artist to ‘practice’, write, record, and share stems. Hone your craft during lockdown and share your best work with the world in any way you can. During these trying times, artists must find creative and innovative ways to keep our names out there.

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