Postmaster General Says Ballots Are No. 1 Priority, But Details No Plan


Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, pressed by senators over mail delivery disruptions, said Friday, August 21, 2020, he was unaware of changes that sparked a public uproar, but his responses raised fresh questions about how the Postal Service will ensure timely delivery of ballots for the November election.

DeJoy told senators he has zero plans to restore blue mailboxes and sorting equipment that has been removed, saying they are “not needed.” He did say that election mail would continue to be prioritized for delivery as in years past.

But while DeJoy distanced himself from President Donald Trump’s complaints about mail-in ballots that are expected to surge in the coronavirus pandemic, he told senators could not yet provide a detailed plan about how he will ensure on-time election mail delivery.

DeJoy promised the Postal Service “is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on-time.” He said that was his “No. 1 priority between now and Election Day.”

“I think the American people should be able to vote by mail,” DeJoy testified.

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