Jane Maria and Toyin Adekale International ‘Jasmine movement’ Fuses Opera and Reggae

Chinese Opera Star Jane Maria and Reggae Legend Toyin Adekale team up to create a cultural musical masterpiece.


Almost 2 years in the making Jasmine (let it show) starring Chinese Opera Star Jane Maria and Nigerian Reggae Legend Toyin Adekale lands on our airwaves.

This groundbreaking project started in France in an exclusive and remote Chateau where Jane Maria recorded her operatic vocals to the Chinese classic Jasmine Flower and went all the way from there to London, China, Seattle USA, bringing in musicians from Africa, Jamaica, USA, UK, Philippines, India, France, and China on its 2 year journey!  Fusing Opera and reggae, culture style and tradition in a global movement of peace and love.  Jasmine (let it shine) is set for release on the 10th of December 2018.

The Jasmine project was founded by Stevie Eagle E from Shlepp Entertainment ltd.  Working with Jane Maria on her new opera Album he heard Jasmine and wanted to take it to another level.  He brought Jane Maria and Toyin Adekale together along with Bhangra Legend Tubsy Dohlki Walla at an event he was promoting in Wales and the Jasmine movement was born. Jasmine not only stars Jane Maria and Toyin Adekale but also features Legendary Bhangra musician Tubsy Dholki Walla.  Saxophonist Maureese Itson, Faith artists Sam Driz Faith ensemble, The Talithavoices Choir, and the CEC voices Choir, along with a host of international musicians.

Nigerian Reggae Legend Toyin Adekale wrote Jasmine (Let it show) with Stevie Eagle E and recorded her vocals in Seattle USA at Shlepp CEC Studios.
Nigerian Legendary Reggae Star Toyin Adekale co-wrote Jasmine with Stevie Eagle E

Toyin Adekale nearly quit music altogether as shortly after she met with Jane Maria her young son Bakari Tashan (Fofana) Cross tragically passed away.  Stevie eagle E told Global news ink: 

There were times when I did not know if Toyin would ever recover from the loss of her son, but I was determined that Jasmine would not be completed without her and therefore the project would either live or die depending on her getting back into the saddle. I knew for me I probably could not recover from the loss of my little girl, so I could only hope and pray for Toyin that she could bounce back somehow.

Stevie Eagle E

It took almost a year for Toyin Adekale to find the strength to record Jasmine and complete the project.  She credits gods grace, Jasmine and the words of her son (to continue making music) in aiding her continued recovery from her tragic loss.

Toyin Adekale is one of Reggae’s most successful artists topping both the pop and reggae charts multiple times all over the world in her amazing career.  She is known as reggae Royalty for all her achievements in the music industry throughout the years as well as being known for being one of the most versatile singers in the world.  Toyin Adekale has done Reggae, pop, dance, soul, gospel, and classical performing with the biggest stars in the world and in front of Royalty, celebrity and millions of fans globally.  In an exclusive interview with Global news ink she revealed that when Stevie Eagle E first suggested her collaborating with a Chinese Opera star and fusing opera and reggae, she thought he was ‘a little bit mad’.  However, she loved the idea and decided to go with it as she has known Stevie Eagle E for decades and knew what he was capable of producing.

Jasmine has been part of the healing process for me since losing my son I have had my darkest moments.  When I hear it and when I see it, it reminds me of his words to keep going and do what I do.  for me, it strikes at the heart of what I want to stand for, love, peace, and collaboration.  It is my testimony and I know my son is smiling every time he hears Jasmine.

Toyin Adekale
Opera Star Jane Maria is Master singer in China performing for millions of people live and hundreds of millions on TV and Radio
Master singer Chinese Opera star Jane Maria

Master singer Chinese Opera star Jane Maria (also a long time friend of Stevie Eagle E) turned to Stevie Eagle E for help in finishing and promoting her new Opera album.  She was not expecting him to come up with a fusion of Opera and Reggae that would take a further year to complete and bring in dozens of musicians from around the world.  When asked about the project she said:

‘Stevie is a crazy guy, he does crazy things you just have to go with it, ever since I met him with Ayi Jihu he has been that way.  He heard something in Jasmine which no one else heard and he has brought it to life it is amazing what he has done. 

Jane Maria


The video for Jasmine (let it show) goes live today Shot on location in several countries around the world including China and USA.

Jasmine (let it shine)

Stevie Eagle E

Jasmine producer Stevie Eagle E told Global news ink:

Working on a project like Jasmine takes a lot of trust from all those you involve in the project.  No one but me knows what I have in my head and I ask people to do this and that without them having a clue of what the bigger picture is most of the time.  Therefore for me, there are only two kinds of people I can work with on a project like this.  Those that have faith and trust in my abilities and what I do and those that just do what they are asked without faith because they are getting paid and it’s that simple.  With Jasmine, I am working with only those that had faith, those that believed and those that were humble enough to allow me to be their ears and eyes. 

When I get something stuck in my head I have to get it out, I have to complete it as it is in my head or I will never rest, never be at peace with myself.  I become consumed by it. 
Jasmine is one of those things.  I wanted to bring together my culture and the culture of Africa and China and India in a way that was not patronizing or obvious.  I wanted to bring it all together in a way that just works.  Jasmine has a soul, brought in by the wonderful Sax of Maureese Itson.  It has Reggae the groove and the bass line give you this,  It has percussion and Rhythm, this comes from the Dholki and percussion from Tubsy.  It has purity and clarity this comes from the amazing vocal performance of Jane Maria and Opera.  It has heart and vibe of Africa and every brother and sister in this world, this comes from the beautiful voice and vibe of Toyin Adekale.  It has all these elements and more wrapped up in one song and they all work.  Most importantly the message of Jasmine is needed in these dark and confusing times.  This is China and USA, Africa and India, Uk and Asia all working together.  It tells us we can if we work hard all find a place for our voices, vibes, and cultures on this planet, without hate, war, and poverty.
I truly hope Jasmine is just the start of something.  I hope to see Jane and Toyin spreading this vibe globally in China in Africa in Europe in North America with a wonderful array of international artists fusing music, culture, dance, and vibe in a popular way for the masses.  This is my vision my hope, but we will see.

Stevie Eagle E
Rising Filipino faith artist Sam Driz collaborated on Jasmine (Let it show)
Rising Filipino Faith artist Sam Driz collaborated on Jasmine (let it show)

Faith artist Sam Driz collaborated on the Jasmine project.  The string sections were performed by his Faith ensemble in Tacoma and he also sang with the CEC choir as well as performing on the video in Seattle.

It was an immense pleasure to be a part of this.  I was in the studio with Stevie Eagle E working on my Album when I first met Toyin Adekale, I was just blown away by her grace and style.  She is a giver a true woman of faith and I wanted to be involved in Jasmine the moment I first heard it.  It was also a great experience for me and the members of my Faith ensemble, especially the young ones.  To be part of something like this is something we will have for the rest of our lives.

Sam Driz

Our review

Jasmine is an amazing production.  You truly need to listen to it over and over again to fully understand the complexity of it made so simple.  To put all this together and make it sound as though there are only a few instruments playing is a work of art, because when you really listen you hear so many different things, but on the face of it it just works and flows.

The performance from Jane Maria is flawless.  Opera is not for everyone and fusing Opera with something like reggae can cause one or the other to lose something, but in Jasmine (let it show) this does not happen.  They both shine and work beautifully together.   Jane Maria brings a warmth and passion to opera that we hope to hear more of.  Toyin Adekale’s performance is for us the real heart of the song.  The drop when the verse kicks in is truly legendary and so well worked.  You go from listening intently to bopping your head and moving your body without even realising what  you are doing.  Queens Bohemian Rhapsody did the same thing, fusing Rock, and classical music with their take on Opera to make a classic loved by millions around the world.  It was risky but it paid of for them.  Jasmine is taking similar risks as the Opera world frowns upon this type of thing and the pop world often does not understand it.  We feel Jasmine (let it show) will find it’s place in history as one of the great musical collaborations and works that will be sung and re-done many times over.

There are other great takes of Jasmine flower out there.  Kenny G’s Sax version comes to mind, but we feel Jasmine (let it show) has taken this Chinese classic to a totally new level and will introduce it to a whole new generation of people around the world.

You can listen to Jasmine and find out more at www.Jasminemovement.com 

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