Sam Driz Brings Faith Music A new Artist, A New Genre

Faith artist Sam Driz hits the music scene with chart-topping Hannah's Prayer


Every now and then something different does actually come along, and not always in the way you would expect it.  In these troubled times when people seem to be more divided than ever, an artist who is pulling the opposite way has emerged.  Sam Driz, and with him, he brings a whole new movement or genre ‘Fatih Music’.

Sam’s debut single ‘Hannah’s prayer is set to be released on the 3rd of December 2018 on Shlepp Entertainment Shlepp Records.  Produced by Stevie Eagle E this track will surprise you.  from the dulcet melodies of the intro to the driving groove as the track takes off this is definitely not gospel, it is closer to pop or EDM yet it is not that either simply because of the lyrical content.  This folks, is ‘Faith music’ as Sam describes it.  Something (Sam Says) Stevie Eagle E came up with when describing the music.

I came to Stevie Eagle E with a traditional gospel, Christian type song and he just turned it around and made something totally new out of it.  He listened to my music and told me, that he heard something new in me, something different, and he called it ‘Faith music’  That is how faith music was born really.

We asked Sam Driz what exactly is ‘Faith music’?

It took as a little while to figure that out ourselves, but finally, we realized the answer was always there.  It is not about religion it is about faith with or without religion, it is all about positive faith that leads to positive things and helps people.  It does not matter what style or genre you sing in, what rhythm or vibe,  it is about the lyrical content and the overall message that is within the music.  That is ‘Faith Music’.

Hannah’s Prayer is a deep song but you would be forgiven for missing that listening to the radio mix the first time.  You instead just want to start to move.  It is when you listen to the classical mix of Hannah’s prayer or see the video clips (below) that you begin to get the true meaning and power of Hannah’s Prayer.

Sam Driz Brings Faith Music A new Artist, A New Genre

Sam Driz would have been able to make it in almost any era of music.  He swings from classical to contemporary at the drop of a hat.  He plays almost every instrument, and writes and composes not just for himself but for his faith ensemble and others.  He is old school in a new way, a singers singer, a musician’s, musician, but all with a new twist.  Sam Driz has something for everyone.  Already his music is hitting the radio and having an impact.

Watch the video clip below to listen to the classical version of Hannah’s prayer

Will ‘Faith music’ catch on?  We don’t know, but what we think is that Sam Driz is here to stay no matter what he sings.  The world needs this type of talent.

Find out more about the new artist Sam Driz at and keep your ears to the ground for Hannah’s prayer.  Release date 3rd of December on Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp Records.

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