James Doohan, ‘Scotty’ From ‘Star Trek’, Had Ashes Taken To International Space Station


Star Trek’s James Doohan made it to the final frontier. A new interview has revealed an astronaut took Doohan’s ashes with him when he visited the International Space Station.

Doohan, who played chief engineer Montgomery Scott on the show and who ignited the signature phrase “Beam me up, Scotty,” was forever being asked to push the Enterprise engines beyond their limits. But he finally made it into space in 2008. He died at age 85 in 2005.

Entrepreneur Richard Garriott, 59, smuggled Doohan’s ashes onto the ISS in 2008 during a 12-day mission as a private astronaut. He was backed by Doohan’s son, Chris, who said his father’s wish was to make it to the ISS. The request was denied for two other trips, resulting in Garriott having to undertake clandestine means to get the ashes on board.

Garriott took a card with Doohan’s picture and some of his ashes, which were laminated and tucked under cladding on the floor of the space station’s Columbus module.