Hawaii Hospital Enters Crisis Staffing Plan As More Workers Test COVID Positive


Kona Community Hospital has entered a crisis staffing plan after numerous employees and medical staff either tested positive or was directly exposed to COVID.

As of Wednesday, January 5, 2022, officials said about 25 workers from different departments have been infected, and multiple hospital departments are “operating under challenging staffing conditions.”

Because of this, the hospital is now allowing COVID-positive employees to care for patients as long as they follow state Health Department and CDC guidelines. They must also be asymptomatic or just have mild symptoms.

At last check, of the 68 people hospitalized, four patients have tested positive for COVID.

The hospital has also reinstated a No Visitor policy to mitigate the potential for further exposure within the facility. Officials said it will reopen to visitors when it is considered safe for patients and staff.

Meanwhile, Kona Community Hospital said it will also no longer offer the Regen-cove antibody therapy. Officials said data shows that the Omicron variant is not neutralized by this treatment.

Hospital officials said people should not request the therapy because they won’t have any on hand for the near future.