Fox Host Attacks Veteran For Being Paid to Travel And ‘Murder Brown People’


Fox News podcast host Ben Domenech has attacked a U.S. Marine veteran and Senate hopeful for being paid to travel and “murder brown people,” amid a Twitter spat between the two men.

The argument began when Lucas Kunce, a 13-year Marine veteran running for the Democratic nomination for a U.S. Senate seat for Missouri, wrote a column for Fox News saying Republicans had turned their backs on veterans by blocking a bill that would have “expanded medical coverage for millions of combatants exposed to toxic burn pits during their service.”

Kunce, 39, is a former marine exposed to toxic burn pits while fighting in Iraq in 2009. He advocated removing the filibuster to pass the law in the column.

Kunce will be running in the Senate primary in Missouri on Tuesday, his main challenger being Trudy Busch Valentine.

Domenech, who hosts the Ben Domenech Podcast and is an editor at large at conservative U.K. magazine The Spectator, criticized Kunce on Twitter, saying getting rid of the filibuster was “authoritarian horsec***” and that the veteran shouldn’t “sweep away the tenets of government because it doesn’t accord to your wishes.”

Kunce responded: “What’s horses*** is when people like you act like some archaic Senate procedure is more important than health care for our veterans. I got sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, so I’ll be damned if some Bush White House today is going to lecture me about democracy.

Domenech shot back: “I don’t think we needed to pay you to travel across the world and murder brown people, Lucas. You should probably send that money back.”

“I preferred the version of @LucasKunceMO that ran a decade and a half ago when he was pro-life instead of this fake Democrat,” he added.

When he contested an election for Missouri state representative back in 2006, Kunce initially ran as an anti-abortion Democratic candidate. He lost to Republican Mark Bruns. Kunce is now running on a ticket supporting abortion rights.