FedEx Driver Becomes Hero After Girl With Special Needs Mistakes Him For Ice Cream Man


There are a lot of unsung heroes during the coronavirus pandemic, and now a FedEx driver with a big heart is being added to that ever-growing list.

The story begins with 12-year-old Haige Williams and her mom, Megan of North Carolina. Haige has special needs – and she loves the ice cream truck.

On Thursday, Haige and her mom were going for a walk when a truck stopped at their home in Ballantyne. Haige thought it was an ice cream truck and ran towards it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. It was a FedEx truck.

Megan says the driver chuckled, made his delivery and then went on his way.

But on Friday, that driver stopped again.

He didn’t ring the doorbell… he just left a package by the door – with a note.

“Yesterday I was just the Fed Ex delivery guy. Today, I am both a delivery guy and an Ice Cream truck guy,” the note read. “I hope this puts smiles on. Have a great weekend.”

The driver, whose name is Shane – we don’t know his last name – left a package of ice pops.

“In a time when these drivers are completely overwhelmed and maxed out making sure people get their orders delivered on time, I am completely blown away by the thoughtfulness of Shane!!!!” Megan wrote.

We’re sure Haige is enjoying her ice cream as well.


WBTV: GOOD NEWS FedEx driver becomes hero after girl with special needs mistakes him for ice cream man

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