Ex-Fox News Host Ed Henry’s Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN And NPR Voluntarily Dismissed


Ex-Fox News host Ed Henry’s defamation lawsuit against NPR and CNN has been voluntarily dismissed.

A federal judge granted dismissal of the lawsuit with prejudice last week, according to a document filed in U.S. District in New York. Under the terms, the parties will bear their own costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees. Court records show that the dismissal followed talks between the parties to resolve the case.

Henry sued NPR and reporter David Folkenflik, as well as CNN and two of its on-air personalities, Brian Stelter and Alisyn Camerota, over their reporting on his dismissal from Fox News. Henry was fired from Fox News in 2020 for alleged sexual misconduct.

NPR spokesperson Isabel Lara said, “We stand behind David Folkenflik’s journalism on this story and are proud of the rigor he always brings to his reporting.“

Folkenflik wrote on Twitter, “Fox News host Ed Henry’s lawsuit against me and NPR has been voluntarily dismissed. We disclosed existence of a memo warning top Fox News execs agst promoting Henry well before his firing. We have not stepped away from a syllable of our report.”

Last year, Henry also sued Fox News and Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. Oral arguments are scheduled for June 7 in the defendants’ motion to dismiss the case.