Dutch Foundation To Take In Lions From Ukraine


Stichting AAP, an Almere-based foundation focused on ensuring safe living conditions for exotic mammals, offered to take in lions, a tiger, and an African wild dog rescued from a shelter for wild animals in Ukraine.

According to the foundation, employees of the wildlife shelter risked their lives to bring these animals to safety. They managed to sneak the animals across the border to Poland on Thursday, reportedly under fire from Russian soldiers.

The animals – several young lions, a tiger, and an African wild dog – are on their way to Zoo Poznań in Poland, a partner of Stichting AAP.

“AAP focuses on animals in need in the EU, but we cannot leave these brave Ukrainians and their animals out in the cold,” the foundation said on Twitter. “They took a huge risk to find a safe haven for their animals and AAP is happy to offer it. We hope to collect the animals soon.”