Dallas QAnon Leader Waiting For JFK, Demands Followers Disown Their Family, Rantings Become More Bizarre


According to a report from Vice News, the families of QAnon followers who have flocked to Dallas to await the return of President John F. Kennedy are growing more and more concerned after the ravings of self-styled prophet Michael Protzman grow more and more bizarre and he demands his followers cut off all communication with their loved ones.

As has been previously reported, Protzman was arrested in Washington state’s King County in 2019 for an “unlawful imprisonment – domestic violence” charge filed by his wife that led her to flee their home to a neighbor’s house where she called 911.

Now, firmly ensconced in Texas, Protzman has drawn followers who are throwing away their lives because he has promised the return of JFK.

Case in point, a woman given the pseudonym “Patricia” to protect her and her family’s privacy, who went to Dallas last November to await the return of the president who was killed in 1953 in Dealey Plaza, came home, then left again — apparently for good.

“When she left again in the final weekend of November, Patricia said she was leaving for good,” Vice reports with her daughter ‘Laura’ adding, “We just started to feel very helpless at that point and just very sad and backed into a corner because we had a big feeling that she was not coming back.

According to the report, “Patricia cut off almost all communication with her family when she traveled to Dallas. Worried about her safety, Patricia’s family tried to get the police involved. But when the police spoke to Patricia and she appeared to be fine, they told the family there was nothing more they could do. Then on Dec. 2, the family obtained an emergency guardianship order and had Patricia admitted to a psychiatric institution.”

Weeks later she left the facility and sent a letter to her family (which was shared with Vice) where she wrote, “The search for JFK Jr. turned into a much more meaningful one, a much more intense spiritual one. I need to say the path I took was, and is still, a very spiritual walk with God,”m before adding, “I have come to that conclusion and I know it’s something I have given a lot of thought to. I can’t go back. I can’t live in the past. Thank you so much for the years we shared, it was full of many wonderful memories that I will always treasure.”

According to Vice, Patricia is not the only one who appears to have entered into a cult that is becoming more frightening by the day.

“For the families of those still under Protzman’s influence, the increasingly cultic nature of the group’s behavior is worrying. The family of one group member reported that Protzman’s followers were drinking a mixture that included industrial bleach out of a communal bowl as part of a ritual. They have also traveled to Waco, near where the Branch Davidian compound at Mount Carmel once stood” Vice’s David Gilbert reported.

“And Protzman himself has become increasingly dictatorial when speaking to his followers. In recent days, during audio chats on his Telegram channel he has berated those who dared to interrupt him while he was speaking, kicking followers out of chat rooms, and insulting others.”

“Despite this, he has managed to retain a huge and dedicated online following and uses that to constantly beg for donations that will allow him to stay in Dallas without any source of income,” Gilbert added before adding, “Last week, Protzman claimed in an audio chat with followers that 17 dead celebrities were taking part in the online chat he was speaking in. He didn’t name them, but followers immediately began speculating about who they were, and became convinced that Marilyn Monroe was one of them. ”

According to Laura, she fears what will happen to her mother.

“It’s very hard to watch, and my brother and I have been having a very rough time with it, but we’re trying to keep it together, because we have a lot of life left to live. and it’s for my dad really that we’re just trying to be very strong about everything,” she explained.