Coronavirus Patients Are Voting From Their Hospital Beds


Astronauts are voting from space, millions are mailing ballots and patients battling COVID-19 are voting from their hospital beds … welcome to the 2020 election.

Voter turnout is expected to be on the rise for what you’ve, no doubt, heard is the election of our lifetime … and a non-partisan group called Patient Voting is making sure hospital patients don’t get left out.

The group’s founder, Kelly Wong, tells TMZ … they’ve seen a huge influx in patients seeking help in casting ballots, and they’re using the little-known emergency absentee ballot.

Here’s how it works … patients who are unexpectedly hospitalized without arrangements to vote by regular absentee ballot can request an emergency absentee ballot if they’re unable to make it to the polls, or if it’s too late to apply for regular absentee ballots.