Brad Parscale Cried When Arrested, Telling Police His Wife Would Not Have Sex With Him


Tearful Brad Parscale blasts his wife for refusing him sex and claims she’s having him committed to a hospital so she can steal his money in explosive new video obtained by

‘I got f***ing tackled like a f***ing terrorist for wanting my wife’s attention,’ the former Trump campaign boss sobs while handcuffed in the back of a police car.

‘I’m gonna f***ing divorce. I’m applying for divorce as soon as I get out of here. I’m gonna do this thing, whatever, to prove I’m not f***ing crazy.’

The astonishing rant was filmed on a female officer’s body-worn camera after Parscale was transported to the hospital in the aftermath of his September 27 meltdown.

‘She didn’t have a bruise on her, I never hit her, I never have,’ Parscale, 44, continues to plead in the footage. ‘I’ve never touched her. This is all about money.

‘She knows exactly what she is doing. It is the most baller move of all time. It is the most checkmate, f*** you, move of all time. It is un-f***ing-believable.

‘I’m gonna throw you in the hospital and act like you’re f***ing killing yourself. I’m gonna take all your money and by the time you get out you can’t do anything about it.’

The exclusive clip is one of numerous newly released videos that shed new light on the chaotic episode that saw SWAT teams surround Parscale’s Fort Lauderdale mansion in fear he was about to shoot himself.

After barricading himself inside for more than an hour, the siege ended with Parscale stumbling into the front yard – bare-chested and clutching a beer – where he was tackled to the ground before being detained for mental health evaluation.

In several of the clips Candice, Parscale’s curvaceous wife of eight years, can be seen with large bruises to her arms and a swollen lip.

The 41-year-old has, since then, attempted to play down any suggestion her husband is a domestic abuser but in the videos she can be overheard telling officers the opposite.

‘How did he do that?’ a concerned male officer asks, pointing out her injuries. ‘Just grabbing,’ Candice replies. ‘A couple days ago.’

When the officer quizzes her further about scratches to her face and her fat lip, she replies, softly: ‘He slapped me.’

The officer suggests Candice, who fled the house in just a bikini when her husband cocked a pistol and began ‘ranting and raving’, speaks with a detective.

‘No, no I’m fine, I’m fine,’ she insists, wrapping herself in a towel.

Despite his talk of divorce, Parscale reconciled with his wife after he was released three days later.

He then announced he was stepping back from his role of digital strategist with the Trump 2020 campaign due to ‘enormous stress’, having been demoted from the campaign manager’s gig in July.

The couple were seen over the weekend for the first time since the incident, putting on a united front as they emerged from hiding to run errands together and visit friends.

The pair appeared downcast and tense in photos taken exclusively by, barely talking or looking at one another as Parscale, who was Trump’s 2020 reelection chief until his abrupt July demotion, remained glued to his cell phone.

But a source revealed: ‘They have agreed an uneasy truce for the time being. Candice was badly shaken up by the whole incident but she feels a lot safer without the guns in the house.

‘She has told Brad he has to curb his drinking and get professional help for his problems. Their issues are far from resolved but she is standing by her man, at least for now.’

The Parscales had spent much of the past week holed up at their $2.4 million home, guarded by hired security and having all their meals dropped off at the front door.

Parscale cuts a sorry state in the various videos, slurring his words and at one point having to have his trousers pulled up by officers before they place him in a police car.

‘It’s the most f***ed up day of my life,’ he tells an officer as he arrives at the hospital and they explain he is being detained under Florida’s Baker Act.

Parscale is allowed to make a phone call to his father Dwight, a lawyer, and immediately begins lambasting his wife.

‘She wants my money’ he says. ‘I know what she’s doing, she’s going to take the day to get in all the bank accounts.’

Dwight assures his son he is making his way from Texas to Florida to support him, adding: ”I know, we can combat all that.’

Parscale finishes the call and continues to protest his innocence even when a female officer tells him she saw bruises on Candice’s arms.

‘I just couldn’t accept she isn’t having sex with me,’ he reveals, becoming less belligerent and breaking down in tears.

‘I just couldn’t accept it. Not in months. I couldn’t accept it. I just kept asking her.

‘And then she locked the door and I locked the door. And then she did this. All I did was turn the f***ing lock. That’s all I did and then this.’

Parscale has not faced charges over the incident but police confiscated his cache of 11 guns – seven handguns, two rifles and two shotguns – after warning a judge he was a risk to himself and others.

Neither he, nor his wife, have spoken publicly, choosing instead to release coordinated statements through Politico.

‘The statements I made on Sunday have been misconstrued, let it be clear my husband was not violent towards me that day or any day prior,’ Candice told the outlet.

The about-turn has not deterred officers from the Fort Lauderdale Investigations Bureau, however, who are continuing to probe the circumstances around Parscale’s meltdown.

Police say Candice has been ‘fully cooperative’ but have not revealed exactly what is being investigated, nor the extent of her cooperation.

It was widely reported in July that Parscale was demoted because a much-trumpeted rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma drew a dismal crowd and left the President fuming.

However revealed that Parscale was also subject to an internal audit investigating claims that as much as $40 million went missing from Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The President’s deputy press secretary Ken Farnaso denied the story, saying: ‘There is no investigation, no audit, and there never was.’

But Business Insider reported similarly that Parscale’s spending at the campaign was subject to an internal audit into an estimated $10million worth of wasted spending.

The outlet further reported that Parscale told fellow 2020 staffers and friends that he was under Federal investigation, though it remains unclear whether any such inquiry exists as officials at several law enforcement agencies declined

Parscale was a web designer with no interest in politics when he first received an email from the Trump Organization in 2011 asking him to pitch a design for a website hawking a real estate scheme.

More projects followed and in 2015 Parscale received another email telling him Trump was thinking about running for president and needed a campaign website in two days.

‘So I wrote back and said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it for $1,500,” Parscale told 60 Minutes in 2017.

By the end of the election season, Parscale had seen more than $94 million in campaign contributions flow through one of his companies that engineered Trump’s controversial online election marketing.

By then, Parscale, considered particularly close to the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, was one of a handful of people allowed to tweet on Trump’s behalf.

Parscale and his wife own three swish Fort Lauderdale condos, worth a combined $5 million, and have at least $300,000 worth of cars, including a 2017 Ferrari, a Range Rover and a BMW X6.

Speaking to in August 2019, he said he was not in the slightest bit apologetic about his wealth.

‘I make no secret about the fact that working for the Trump family made me a wealthy man well before I ever became President Trump’s campaign manager,’ Parscale said.

‘The President is an excellent businessman and being associated with him for years has been extremely beneficial to my family.’