MARK ZUCKERBERG CONFIRMS WE CAN NOT AND COULD NEVER TRUST THEIR MISINFORMATION TAG Mark Zuckerberg confirms what many had already figured out, their misinformation tag cannot be trusted. This was revealed in a recent interview with Joe Rogan where he admitted the FBI told him to suppress Hunter Biden's laptop story

Mark Zuckerberg admits FBI wrongly asked him to suppress information
Mark Zuckerberg admits FBI wrongly asked him to suppress information

Millions of people worldwide trust the Facebook ‘Misinformation’ or ‘Disinformation’ tags and pop-ups.  Not just Facebook but almost every social media platform act as if they and they alone are the sole judges of what is truth and what is acceptable to speak about, and millions of people have put their trust in their culling of information.  The phrase ‘Trust the science’ has been parroted by many when it comes to information concerning the pandemic and its subsequent approved cures only for much of the science to be disproved or shown to be incompletely correct.  However, it is not just in the health field that we are being misled, manipulated and fooled.  When it comes to politics and information in general it has become clear that much of the information fed to us by the legacy media and social media is not correct and is being controlled.   Mark Zuckerberg’s recent revelations on the Joe Rogan podcast where he states the FBI ‘Came to us’ and basically advised us to suppress information on its platform.  In all fairness, Mark Zuckerberg did express regret saying ‘it sucks’ but the damage had already been done and the precedent set.

Although Facebook only suppressed the story (making it hard for the truth to be shared) platforms like Twitter outright banned the story.  Anyone who wrote about it or mentioned it was de-platformed and the article removed.  All of this is done under the umbrella of protecting the public from misinformation.

Let’s fast forward to now and look at some of the things which were given the ‘Misinformation’ tag or would have got you banned from social media.  Mask had limited or no effect in stopping the spread of covid.  If you stated anything like this before you would have been banned, called dangerous, or told you are not following the science, but now it is a proven fact and known to be true.  The virus most likely came from a Lab in Wuhan China where ‘Gain of function’ was being done.  If you mentioned this before you were a ‘conspiracy theorist’ a wacko or nut job and you were banned and your post removed.  Now it has become clear that this is the most likely theory as scientist struggle to prove that it came from anywhere else.  You can now openly state this on Facebook without being banned or having your post removed.  Natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine.  If you mentioned natural immunity in the past or even tried to give people some natural remedies for covid it was removed and you could be banned for doing so.  Now, even the drug companies making the (debatable) vaccines have to admit natural immunity is better and more effective than any vaccine for most people.


The list goes on as much of the science and guidance is now seen to have been wrong. Politically motivated, or worse financially motivated. Take for example Lockdowns, something which we were told was the only way to fight Covid but has now been proven to cause more social, health and economic damage than the virus itself.  The world is still struggling to get back on track after the pandemic, not because of the pandemic itself but because of the draconian and very unscientific methods used to fight it.  Countries like New Zealand, Canada, and Australia are still holding on to these draconian, undemocratic and freedom-stealing methods despite it being obvious they make no sense, cause harm and don’t work.  So you have to ask yourself the question, Why?

The Why? is still to be made clear, however, what we have seen is that many governments and leaders used the pandemic to exert more control over their citizens and were/are reluctant to give that up.  Many freedoms have been eroded or completely removed around the world under the guise of ‘Health’ and we see this now happening under the guise of ‘environment’  It’s a common theme as leaders around the world use fear, cooperative and complicit legacy media, corrupt science and misinformation to manipulate and control their populous and allow them to gain more and more control over every aspect of your daily life.  Control is obviously one aim, but there seem to be many and as time moves forward more is being revealed.

Whatever your opinion on all of this is one thing is for sure, to follow and believe the media and dictates of social media tech giants blindly without question and research is foolish.  Your ability to question, comment and disagree is god given and should never be taken away by anyone.  As Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have already proven, once you allow these people and organizations to lead you in a way of thought you are ultimately allowing yourself to mislead, manipulated and controlled without question and that is never a good thing.