Arizona Judge Does Not Charge GOP Who Voted For Trump Twice Using Dead Mother’s Ballot


According to the New York Daily News, a 64-year-old woman now living in California was given probation instead of jail time as prosecutors wanted after she confessed she used her dead mother’s ballot to vote twice in the 2020 presidential election in Arizona.

The report notes that a tearful Tracy Kay McKee admitted that she cast the fraudulent vote for her deceased mother in Maricopa County — the same county that conducted the months-long and expensive investigation into election fraud at the behest of former president Donald Trump. that did not go his way.

The report states that McKee was handed two years of probation, hit with a fine, and ordered to perform community service in lieu of the 30 days in jail prosecutors asked for.

According to the report, prosecutors played a recording of McKey at her hearing where she could be heard accusing others of committing voter fraud and expressing her belief that the election was stolen from Trump.

The court heard her tell an investigator, “The only way to prevent voter fraud is to physically go in and punch a ballot. I mean, voter fraud is going to be prevalent as long as there’s mail-in voting, for sure. I mean, there’s no way to ensure a fair election. And I don’t believe that this was a fair election. I do believe there was a lot of voter fraud.”

This past March, a new audit of votes in Maricopa County found no evidence of widespread fraud, with the Arizona Capitol Times reporting, “Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates said in a written statement that the report should be ‘a final stake in the heart of the Senate’s so-called ‘audit,’’ pointing out that it concluded the ballot tabulation system was not connected to the internet and that county routers were not connected to the election tabulation system.”