Unvaccinated Pregnant 24-Year-Old Mom Dies From Brain Hemorrhage After Catching COVID-19


The unborn child of a young pregnant lady who died unexpectedly was spared from the womb after his mother had a brain hemorrhage. Elliot was delivered at 28 weeks after his mother, Sadie Exley, 24, was brought to the hospital on Saturday, December 4, with a blood clot on the brain. Friends and family of the beloved B&M employee from Batley, West Yorkshire, were distraught when doctors declared her brain dead in hospital. Doctors claimed there was nothing they could do to save the woman, who was expecting her second child, but they banded together to save her unborn kid, who wasn’t due until February of next year.

Robert Bale, deputy store manager at B&M in Batley, where Sadie worked, informed the media that she was pregnant and had a blood clot in her lung that traveled to her brain, causing a brain hemorrhage. She was transported to the hospital and proclaimed brain dead. Sadie was 28 weeks pregnant at the time, but she was able to birth to a baby boy, who weighed two pounds and is struggling for his life.

Sadie, who was already a mother to three-year-old Harper Rose, had been “on track” for a promotion after joining the B&M shop in Batley during the inaugural recruiting drive in February this year, only a month after the store opened. According to Robert, she was a well-liked member of the team, and her death was “extremely upsetting” to many of her coworkers.

The father of a 24-year-old pregnant woman who died as a result of COVID has said that doctors told him she could have survived if she had been vaccinated.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live her father, 57-year-old David Exley, said his daughter had fully intended to get the COVID vaccine as soon as she was eligible, but that someone had persuaded her not to.

Exley described the response he received when he asked what his daughter’s prospects would have been if she had received the vaccine. According to The Times, he said: “When everything happened, we spoke to the consultant. I asked him honestly if she had the jab when she could have had it, and he said he couldn’t say 100 percent but he thought she’d still be here.

“We never expected anything like this in a million years. She was fit and healthy.”