Report: Wisconsin Election Auditor Subpoenas Blue Towns for Records On Voting Machines Which They Do Not Use


The GOP’s partisan investigation into Donald Trump’s debunked conspiracy theories expanded during the final week of the year, even as it was set to end on Friday.

“Assembly Republicans hit the state Elections Commission and municipal IT departments with subpoenas in recent days as part of their wide-ranging, months-long review of the 2020 election,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Friday, December 31, 2021.

“The latest subpoenas, dated Tuesday, were issued by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who is overseeing the review of the presidential election for Assembly Republicans.”

The Wisconsin investigation is continuing even after the widely-panned Cyber Ninjas audit in Arizona confirmed Trump also lost that state. Gableman has admitted he lacks “any understanding of how elections work.”

“The latest subpoenas seek emails, logs of internet traffic, information about voting machines, and data about individual voters. The scope of the requests suggests Gableman’s team plans to spend months more looking into an election that occurred over a year ago,” the newspaper explained. “Gableman’s contract with the state was to expire on Friday. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester said in a recent interview he would likely extend Gableman’s contract, but a spokeswoman for Vos did not say this week whether that had happened yet.”

The probe — which has been ridiculed for “comic buffoonery” and as being “fake” and a “sham” — apparently sent subpoenas to the state’s two Democratic strongholds asking for information on voting machines they do not use.

“In addition, the subpoenas seek voting machine serial numbers, information about computer software updates and communications with Dominion Voting Systems — even though Madison and Green Bay do not use that company’s devices,” the newspaper reported. “As with earlier subpoenas issued by Gableman, the latest ones include errors. Gableman’s team misspelled the name of Celestine Jeffreys, the city clerk in Green Bay, and included the wrong first name for David Schmiedicke, Madison’s finance director.”

Dominion Voting Systems has been building a “legal armada” to go after those who slander the company with smears of voter fraud. Dominion has sued Fox News for $1.6 billion and Mike Lindell for $1.3 billion.

Gableman was accused of “having run the most racist ad in the history of Wisconsin politics” to win a seat on the state’s Supreme Court. He did not seek a second term in 2018.